Wednesday, December 10, 2008

sad you say

Emily was home just in time to listen to Bella cry all over again about Gordy.

"You are the most insensitive person I've ever know," Bella told Emily.

"Oh really," Emily felt like having a shouting match with her sister but as she could see she was a wreck. Couldn't even make it to Walgreen's and back with her baby.

"Just shut up, you don't know how it is," Bella sniffed at a tissue while Emily went to microwave her sister a cup of something for warmth.

"What? That you want Gordy back?" Emily shrugged. "That's pretty normal for you."

"Its not like that. Its like he avoids me all the time now." She got more tissue and blew her nose.

"Well, you haven't exactly been reaching out, you know," Emily recalled. "You never call Jane, and you told her you would. Just because she's a baby doesn't mean she doesn't understand, she does. And she's told me a thing or two about Gordy."

"Like what?"

"That's confidential," Emily brought Bella some of her Camille tea.

"Just tell me!" Bella blurted out.

"No, I can't. I won't," Emily shook her head thinking what Casper had told her when she found out Gordy was sleeping with Rachel. "Its just you've moved on. He's moved on. Just let it go, B."

"God, I remember how he used to miss me, and all. And, and-"

"You make it sound like he was a fan in your fan club," Emily sighed. "I just don't get you, how you can just think that's all you need, everyone fawning over B. Get real. Will you? You just want Fish to work his ass off, and for what? So you can treat him like crap when he gets home. B you were never a princess. So quit expecting a fortune when you know its not gonna happen." Emily hugged herself then and walked away.

Naturally, she knew Bella wasn't going to ask about her day. She didn't do things like that. And Emily really wasn't in the sharing mood. She'd been on her feet most of the afternoon. She was sure she'd be sick with the flu soon. And really, they had to be thankful there mother didn't talk like a diva from a honky tonk and tell Bella's kids she was going to hurt them if they didn't straighten up, every thirty seconds.

Couldn't Bella see she had so much to be thankful for?


Frederic said...

cherry bombs?¿

ellie said...

I like their conversations.

Cate said...

Wow. Now Emily has really been the down-to-earth one lately, and Bella has been the whiney bitch (sorry). I really like what Emily said to Bella in the second to last paragraph. That was a real speech. I wonder if Bella is crying because she wants Gordy back or if she is crying because Gordy doesn't want her back anymore.

No, I didn't hear about the bands you mentioned yet, but I have to see at the record store I visit if they have something by them there! Indie folk sounds good!

Anonymous said...

Why does Bella have to be so whiney all the time????? A little annoying especially when Emily is being nice to her.

Anonymous said...

well that makes sense now and yeah chuck is adorable and in real life he has a british accent at times:) Dan and Serena having a sibling somewhere would be awesome and definitely bring up the numbers on viewers. Yeah marraige licenses sound pretty hard to get

Ivy said...

They are such sisters.