Saturday, December 27, 2008

thats a wrap

Rosco couldn't believe all the booze Kal had on hand. Assorted flavors of vodka even assorted flavors in rum.

"Where did you get this stuff?"

"Well, don't look at me that I stole it." Kal was already on his Christmas merriment. He'd been drinking since dawn. Maybe he never stopped.

"Are you OK?" Rosco knew Charlotte didn't like alcohol due to her father so he wasn't going to get into the liquor. Of course, Gordy had already made a cherry bomb for he and Rachel.

"Its Christmas," Gordy just said.

Rosco just nodded. OK, so it was a celebration. He got it. They'd opened Christmas presents. Even toasted Whitney and Kal on their nuptials, so to speak. But was Whitney expecting this?

"He's gonna be sick," Rosco warned Whitney in the kitchen who was putting out more puff pastries.

Charlotte had made herself a plate and was listening to Jane talk about Christmas.

"Well, he's been such a good boy for so long, might as well give him one good bender before the new year," Whitney shrugged.

"All right," Rosco shrugged back wondering what had started the change in his brother. Could it be being over worked or wondering how he'd make it this coming year?

About then his cell rang when Bella and Fish walked in with baby Gib all bundled up from the cold.

"Hullo?" He didn't really recognize the number until it occurred to him it was a call from Carrie.

"Hey, happy holidays," she was all full a cheer as if she might be drunk herself.

"Sounds like you're having a Merry Christmas," Rosco couldn't think of what she'd want. Gordy handed him over a Cherry vodka with coke. Rosco took a sip and it about knocked his socks of.

"So what are you doing tomorrow night?" She asked as if she had a plan.

"Nothing, I guess." But he looked at Charlotte who could change all of that in a heartbeat if she felt like it.

"You up for a gig?"

"God, I haven't done much, lately." Rosco's eyes lit. "What's going on?"

"One of Derrick's friends who plays with him is really ill and we need someone who can play. Can you come over later?"

Rosco looked over at Kal who was having a laugh with Fish.

"Can I bring some people with me?" Rosco wondered. "Like my brother and his friend?"

"Sure, why not. We need all the help we can get," Carrie said.

"All right then, we'll be there by eight." Rosco was definitely going to get this party started.


ellie said...

Now thats a way to ring out the year...and in with the new...

autumn said...

how come it sounds like a "sad" party. lol.

autumn said...

oh wow. i feel happy for Whitney. i just hope she already finds that happiness with Kal. =]