Monday, December 15, 2008

what to do

What was Rosco thinking? Here he was with two kids in the back seat. And he was mad as hell at Gordy. Rachel too. Sort of. He wanted to be. But then he really wasn't that angry with Gordy. Not when he looked at Jane and knew he was her uncle, that she thought the world of. And he was just as much an uncle to Lucy too. But now he felt as if he was on an empty island with two kids. He couldn't do this? Could he.

He felt a tad safer with them when he got home, hoping his Mom would be there, but she wasn't.

"What could she possibly be doing?" He kept carrying around Lucy thinking if he let her down he might lose her, but she was wanting Jane who kept insisting that Lucy wanted to play.

"She's Christmas shopping," Kal told him who was getting ready to go out himself on a date with Whitney.

"For what?" Rosco fretted.

"I don't know why you get yourself stuck like this," Kal tied his sneakers then and zipped up his jacket.

"Because Gordy asked me too."

"Gordy," Kal sighed. "You just worship the ground he walks on."

"I do not." Rosco fretted trying to get this girls to find something to watch on the TV.

"He and Rachel had a disagreement." Rosco just said.

"Rachel? I thought she was your girlfriend."

"Not for awhile." Rosco had to remind himself that.

"So she's with him now?" Kal looked at him as if something was wrong with this picture.

"Its fine. I'm fine with it. OK." Rosco told him. But it felt like punishment to him just digesting it.

"Well, I guess you'll get used to it," Kal just smirked. He had to go.

At least the girls found something on Disney to watch. He was sure Rachel would have wanted him reading to them. In a moment of quiet Rosco couldn't stand it. He had to call Charlotte.


Cate said...

Oh, no. In Rosco's place I wouldn't really like to be stuck with my ex-girlfriend's and her new boyfriend's kid, who is my niece, while they are sorting their relationship problems out. Poor Rosco.

ellie said...

Oh Rosco...what to do?