Tuesday, December 16, 2008

just waiting

Charlotte got the impression it was Rosco who needed to be babied more than the girls.

"I don't know why you called." She came over though.

"Why didn't you say anything if you were busy?" He looked at her as if she wasn't supposed to know how he felt.

"I wasn't."

"So you could," Rosco was still holding Lucy since she really enjoyed cuddling while watching cartoons. Rosco was quiet then, sitting between Jane and Lucy.

"But what did you want?"

"What kind of silly question is that?" He just looked at her a little perturbed as if she'd messed up his whole moment of TV viewing.

"All right, are we fighting?" She put her hands on her hips then and stared at him.

"No." He stared back hard. "Its Rachel and Gordy who are fighting. Did you know about that?"


"You knew and you didn't tell me?" He got up then so they could talk away from the girls.

"I assumed you knew," Charlotte shrugged as she followed Rosco to the kitchen. He got out some Ritz crackers and cheese.

"Do you think-" He started.

"They might be making up as we speak." She smiled taking a cracker. She so wanted to smirk at him. He was adorable when he was so unsure of certain things. Like his love life.


Cate said...

I'm beginning to think maybe he needs Charlotte just as a friend, not as a girlfriend.

Thanks for commenting about the song too!

ivy fan fic said...

Hopefully Rosco will get it sorted out. Charlotte might keep him on his toes.