Friday, January 23, 2009

coffee time

Whitney was use to serving people. Especially, at the coffee shop as a waitress. But she had no idea she'd be in charge of making coffee at the office. As odd as it seemed, she didn't even drink coffee. Whitney preferred hot tea with a little milk. But to make coffee? Whitney's eyes lit.

She thought of Serena, immediately. She made the coffee at the coffee shop. She could do it in her sleep. So before Serena could even sit down to start her job, she was on her cell with Serena who was walking her through the procedure of how to make a descent pot of coffee.

"Don't worry, coffee is never good in the work place," Serena told her.

"Yeah, but I'd like to make a good impression on my first day," Whitney told her. Only her boss hadn't exactly made her feel that welcomed. He'd treated her like a foreigner. As if she wouldn't have an inkling what to do.

"This is mind boggling," she shut her eyes tight while she had Serena on her cell. "What was I thinking?"

"Don't you know you've got so much going for you. You have a great voice. An amazing presence. You can do this. Just relax." Serena informed her

Whitney took a deep breath and tried to relax.

"Promise me you'll go with me to see Slumdog Millionare," Whitney then said as if something to look forward too. "My treat."

"I can't remember the last time I went to a movie," Serena then said.

"Well, you are going. You need to get out. You're either in classes or in that kitchen. So tomorrow. OK?" Whitney was feeling better already.

"All right."

"Oh, and maybe I can get Charlotte to come with us. She needs to get out too."


"She's almost family. She might be someday." She got off her cell then and noticed people coming by the coffee pot in the breakroom then.

"Smells good," said one of the accountants.

Whitney hoped it tasted good.

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diane said...

Hahahaha, you are too cool! Can you believe I sat down to read this right before making my morning coffee? That's so neat that you posted the recipe's at the end, as if your stories don't pull you in enough. There's always so much going on in one short episode. I think you should get a book published, really, go for it.

ellie said...

I love coffee..this was great. & I like that she's still friends with Serena too.

cady x said...


Thanks for the comments.

Um. Maybe it's fantasy, or just kind of an alternate universe or something. It might have turned out better if I'd written it tomorrow. My brain is kind of . . . scrambled today.