Saturday, January 24, 2009


Kale was excited yet worried about Whitney's first day. He called her at lunch to see how it was going.

"Fine." Whitney answered.

"OK, really? You can tell me?" He wished he'd thought of taking her out to lunch during his own lunch break but that would mean hustling in a lot of traffic just to have a quick lunch at Taco Bell. It was best to just brown bag and hopefully save a buck or two. Although, he could only get so excited with tuna salad, but he ate anyway while he talked with her.

"Seriously, everything is fine," she said.

"How's my Mom treating you?"

"Oh, that," Her voice was almost a laugh. "She's being sweet, really. She does her best to ignore me."

"Ignore you?" Kal didn't want to hear that.

"Its a good ignore," Whitney told him.

"I've never heard of such a thing?" He squinted taking a drink of his cold bottled tea that Whitney had made for him. It was just the right amount of caffiene to kick start him for the afternoon.

"Don't worry about it," she told him.

"Just how many tea bags do you put in this tea you make me?"

"Two and a little raw sugar when I brew it."

Kal wasn't sure if this was good news or bad news. She kept warning him the dangers of soda pop. She told him it was just as bad as beer for the gut.

"Anything the matter?" Whitney said.

"No, no...of course not. I love this stuff. I just want more of it." He looked wide-eyed.

"No, if you have too much caffiene, you'll be climbing the walls."

"You're right." He couldn't believe they'd spent the last five minutes discussing tea and caffiene.

"Do you think you should start drinking green tea?" She offered then. "It would be much better for you, anyway."

"No, I'm just fine." He dug in his Garfield lunch box he'd had since second grade and found the monster chocolate chip cookie then. One of her specialities. He guessed he could hang on to it for break. Maybe. "You're just too good to me." He knew he better start packing his own lunches. She'd grow old of this making lunch, shortly.

"But I love you," she told him.

"I love you too," Kal then said.


diane said...

They are such a sweet couple. (I just looked out the window, it's snowing here, again)
Do you know, sometimes, when you get into writing your story, you "typo"? All good writers do that.

Cate said...

About "on the other end" - that ended sadly. Emily didn't want to hurt Archie, did she? She just wanted to help him! And I was getting to like the two of them so much! I still like the two of them, I just think it's sad that they parted on such an angry note.

About "coffee time" - I like to drink tea with milk too! :D
Poor Whitney, being treated so rudely and then asked to make coffee, as if she was a servant.
Do you thinkit has anything to do with racism?
At least the accountant is nice to Whitney.

About this chapter: It's so sweet of Whitney to make Kal lunch. Thoise two are so great.

diane said...

Typos are a sign of genius.
Cosmo Girl is one of my favorite mags, along with Teen Vogue.
There's no such thing as a warm snow, but that's really cute.

Psyconym said...

Thankyou I hope the same for you.


ellie said...

that's great..talking at lunch on the phone. sweet.