Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the discontent of winter

Gordy wasn't so sure he liked Rachel's idea.

"Why me?" He'd had enough trouble as it was getting home in the commute from Walgreens with all the blowing snow. He'd just gotten his boots off. He was in his socks and situated on the couch to watch Jeopardy before dinner. He'd been on his feet most of the day.

"Because he's your brother," Rachel said. "You need to set him straight about Charlotte."

"Well, she is your friend," Gordy sighed. "I don't want to cause friction. Got it."


"He's a big boy, he's been through enough with Emily. I know he can handle Charlotte. So no, I'm not gonna talk to him about this Charlotte. If he's sleeping with her, its his own business. For all we know, he's just helping her out. She doesn't want to be home. She's just buying her time as it til school is out."

Rachel was sulking then as she sat next to him while the casserole baked in the oven.

"What?" He looked at her. "Don't tell me you have these feelings for Rosco. You can't be jealous, can you?"

"No." She was cross with him now. "Don't you want to watch out for him?"

"You can only do so much. All right. Its his life. Let him live it." He went to check on the casserole then.

"I know, but he deserves so much better, you know. He does." Rachel nodded.

"Well, its a little late to find him somebody now. I thought you wanted him to see Charlotte?" Gordy touched the cheesy enchiladas. Just right. He supposed. He got an oven glove and got the pan out.

"I did." Rachel got up to go to the kitchen then to get the salad out of the fridge. "I just thought it would be different."

"What something from the Brady Bunch?"

"I didn't think it would move so quickly, you know."

"Hate to break it to you, but he's a guy. A real guy who evidently got the go ahead with her, and he probably likes having somebody who actually wants him. And maybe he doesn't like sleeping alone this winter. Its been the coldest winter I can remember." He told her.

"Are you saying that's the only reason you like having me around? To keep you warm?" Now she was twisting his words and becoming more testy.

"Good lord, Rachel," Gordy shook his head. "You love arguing, don't you?"

Rachel rolled her eyes. She went to check on the girls then to get them ready for dinner. Gordy set the table.

They all sat down then to eat. "Call him," Rachel said.

"All right." Gordy didn't know why he tried. She always won in the end.


ellie said...

I love them together.

Psyconym said...

Sounds like good work. I should spend some more time with my fiction, however I am caught up in my non fiction (my reality).

Hope you are cool.