Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The wind was starting to roar out. Whitney wasn't so sure if it were the wind she heard or the heat kicking on. It made her shiver just the same.

They'd gotten a new bed. Just one more purchase on her mother-in-law's credit card. Whitney had a feeling she owed her big time. What would she ever do to repay her? At least she'd gotten the queen sized sheets on clearance at Walmart. They didn't actually go with anything else in the room. To bad she couldn't make the whole room more inviting with the playful pattern that reminded her of some exotic place. But beggars couldn't be choosers, she supposed. And she wasn't going to dare ask Kal about it while he was in the shower.

Just then the house phone rang. It rang and rang. She waited. Finally, she picked up on the fifth ring. It was Bella. Whitney was sure she was calling for her to look after the baby, but she wasn't.

"Do you want to go to the mall with me tomorrow?"

"The mall?" Whitney wasn't sure she heard her correctly. "Yeah, I feel like getting out."

"You know there's a blizzard going on?" Whitney reminded her.

"It won't last forever."

"But it'll be so cold." Whitney winced.

"I know, but we could still go. Its warm there," Bella told her. "Beside, I don't want to go alone with Gib."

"I see."

"Don't you need some clothes anyway for that job at the insurance place?"


"Come on, please," Bella begged.

"OK." Whitney sighed. She heard the shower stop. Kal was coming. She had pretty good idea what was on his mind. "I'll see you-"

"Come pick me up about eleven. I'll try to be up by then."

So it was like that, she needed someone to chauffeur.

"Should I call before I pop in?"

"Maybe." Bella sounded so unsure. Whitney wasn't even sure if it would happen.

"All right then, bye." Whitney put the phone down quickly. There was Kal with just a towel around him. His hair wet.

He gave her a kiss.

"You're over dressed," he informed her.

"I was waiting for you." She told him with a smile. This definitely wasn't the time to tell him that Bella had called.


Cate said...

Gosh how much have I missed!! You can't imagine how crazy this week has been until now..
Kal's mum is being really generous if she gave Kal and Whitney the money for their bed!!
Bella is trying to be nice? Bella is trying to socialise? Interesting.
...Oh. She's still very bossy.
"Come pick me up about eleven. I'll try to be up by then." isn't exactly very respectful. Hm.

Thanks for your comments! I'm not sure yet if Amanda Seyfried will inspire an outfit for me, because I haven't seen so many pictures of her yet! But I thought that picture where she wears the bracelets was simply great! :)

Anonymous said...

I dunno why, but I keep thinking that Bella doesn't quite know what she's doing. Whitney sounds very wise and down-to-earth, but Bella seems spontaneous - a bit over-spontaneous.
I agree with Cate, she's bossy.
What is she up to, anyway? I'm sure it won't be a regular mall-day... Hm...
I'm curious to see what'll happen.

Maybe I'm seeing things where they don't exist though.

cats n curses said...

This should be interesting. Glad she didn't tell Kal about it though.

what we needed said...

Bella is kind of wicked. heheee..

Sydney said...

i like the bella is evil in a way...

gives her an edge.