Thursday, January 15, 2009

getting the nitty gritty

Rosco was a little bit thrown off when Gordy showed up to take him out for breakfast.

"Really, it should just be the two of us," Gordy nodded as if this was some sort of intense training he was going to put him through.

So there they were at the diner near the high school waiting for bacon, eggs and biscuits.

"What is going on?" Rosco wondered if he felt left out with the band getting a bit of new life from Derrick and Carrie.

"Nothing," Gordy was all casual. "Just breakfast with my brother."

"OK," Rosco was a little shocked that he'd refer to him even that way. "And-"'

"And Rachel is driving me crazy," Gordy looked at him as if he were supposed to help.

"What am I supposed to do with that?" Rosco winced.

"She's driving me crazy worried sick about you." Gordy sighed staring at Rosco.

"Worried?" He squinted hard. "What for?"

"She's not so sure about you and Charlotte."


"Yeah, is this something casual or do you love her?" Gordy said. "I mean, OK, worst case scenerio, what if you have a kid with her, are you ready for something like that?"

Now that made Rosco put down his coffee as he blew out a breath.

"Thats some heavy duty stuff there, bro." Rosco grinned. "Look, we just got my term paper out of the way. Finally."

"Is that what this is all about? A study partner?" Gordy chuckled.

"Well, we do take breaks and um, stuff happens." Rosco shrugged.

"You're not having unpro-" Gordy didn't want to say it.

"I guess so."

"You don't know?" Gordy had a bit of a worried look then.

"We know what we're doing." Rosco went back to his coffee then. It wasn't long until the food arrived.

"OK, did you talk about, you know who was before and stuff." Gordy questioned.

"Yes. And she hasn't, all right. Just me."

"You're sure?"

"Yes." Rosco sighed. "Can we stop talking about this now?"

"Thank God." Gordy smiled with a bit of relief.

"You're not gonna tell Rachel all this, are you?"

"Yes," Gordy rolled his eyes. "Why do you think I'm here?"


cady x said...

Hahaha. I love the relationship between these two.

Cate said...

I laughed too. Gordy really is my favourite character. How casually (at least casually in my imagination) he says that what if Rosco had a kid with Charlotte? :D
And how Rosco replies with having to get his term paper out of the way first --- epic.
Loved this conversation.

And about P.E.: Our teacher was an hour late - and P.E. lasts two hours, unfortunately. Blech. The stupid part is that I have P.E. on my birthday. (next Monday)

ellie said...

I really liked this one. It made me smile.