Friday, February 20, 2009

after all

"I thought Floyd was going to marry Delia?"

Kal hadn't a clue who Whitney was talking about. Gib was falling asleep in his arms, and Kal couldn't help but smile. It was the most comfortable feeling in the world. He didn't know something like that could happen.

Fish had handed Kal a bottle and Gib took it right away. Really, Kal didn't want to worry about all these people. Why would Whitney?

It was just the four of them now. Everyone had gone home except Fish and Bella, and Fish had done most of the cleaning up.

"Well, I just thought I heard Serena tell me this, I thought they went to Vegas and got married." Whitney went on talking. She was talking to Bella now who was helping in her own way by supervising.

"You don't think Serena's with Floyd now?" Bella questioned as if this might be a storyline on One Tree Hill.

"I don't think so, he's like a brother to her." Fish said as if he knew their story well, after all he had hung out with Floyd.

"That would be warped." Bella made a disgusting face then as she wiped off the table.

"Well, maybe she's just not so sisterly anymore to him," Fish smirked.

"I can tell you, who isn't?" Bella let in about Rachel and Gordy then.

"Jesus, B, let that go," Fish shook his head. "I thought it was kind of funny."

"You would," argued Bella.

Kal just sighed watching Gib sleep. His nursing lips looked so loving and natural as if he were not quite of this world yet. "Oh, the things you have to look forward to." Kal said softly with a smile. "The things you look forward too."


diane said...

I like Fish. And Kal was being so paternal with Gib, really nice.
I was wondering, do the girls ever stop being..well...cranky?

Cate said...

About the chapter before this: Bella doesn't know how old her mother is? She is, well, she is Bella. And I like Emily so much. How she blurted out tht thing about practice ^^
Delia.. I'd forgotten all about her, too.
I liked that last paragraph really much! Thanks for writing this story.

simon n josh said...

I so liked that Cal got some time with Gib. He needs more of it.

cady x said...

Kal's right, for once.

another.ellie said...

Most of it was sweet..but Bella is so Bella.