Saturday, February 21, 2009

taking a step

Archie wished he knew what to do. He felt he needed to take a stand of some sort. He was sure he needed to be on Emily's side. Nobody else seemed to be. Her sister was a mega-bitch. How in the world did she ever have such a sweet kid? Well, she didn't live with her. Maybe that was why, he thought.

"I wish you could back with me," Archie said as if that was the only way.

"But I can't." Emily said. They were outside in the dark taking a walk in the sub zero temps. "I have to be here until May. I have to be."

"May?" That seemed a long way off.

"Yeah, I want to get my classes done. I have to graduate." She nodded.

"But you'd come after that?" They had to cuddle in the cold. There was no choice in the matter.


"What could I do?" He wanted it to happen. It tugged at his heart that it needed to be done.

"I don't want you to do anything," she shook her head. "Lets not rush into anything, all right?" She looked sad to him as if that maybe meant that she wouldn't.

"What if I stayed? Stayed right here?"

"With me?" She winced as if that was a lot to ask.

"Kind of, but I'd see about a transfer, you know, with the Red Cross. If that doesn't work, I promise I'd find something. Here." He nodded.

"You don't have too." Emily shook her head.

"But I do." Archie was serious. He'd never been so serious about anything in his life. "I think I love you."

Emily didn't say anything.

They stopped walking. She looked at him. He smiled. He'd never looked so forward to anything in his life. And when he kissed her, he meant it, and he sensed she knew it too.


Clandestine Heart said...

Aaaaw... Poor Archie!

Well, Emily should be thankful that he cares about her.

diane said...

OMG, a love story! Yea! I really like the idea of Emily going out to meet Archie, and starting fresh. They deserve it.

Oh Cait, thank you so much for making my day. I just love Archie and Emily.

Cate said...

It's cool, Archie seems so disconnected from it all and to see he has formed opinions about people in his head. He's right, Bella IS a mega-bitch.
Emily in Omaha is an interesting thought. I think she is really one of the best things that have ever happened to Archie.
That was such a beautiful moment *sniff*

the oaks said...

Archie is so sweet.

ellie said...

Oh, Archie. He seems like the type who would do the right thing.

fan fic said...

Archie and Emily. Can they handle it.