Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Emmy's dirty boy and other answered questions

Bella came in the livingroom then when she heard Emily at the door. Naturally, she took Gib from Emily and went to sit with the girls.

This would be annoying. Who did Emily think she was? Inviting somebody over tonight. And that hair. God, what a mess. Had he not looked in the mirror?

"That's Emmy's dirty boy," Jane whispered.

Bella's eyes lit. "She told you that?" Bella then winced. She puckered a frown. That was totally disgusting. She couldn't have Emily around if she talked that way.

She hugged Gib closer. She felt her milk coming. Why did every emotional thing, good or bad, even in between, mean one thing? A rush of some sort that would end up feeling like a ton of rocks if she didn't do something quickly.

Just her luck, he probably wasn't even hungry. But as usual, Gib was always glad to see her breasts.

"Why is he hurting you?" Jane was right there watching as if this was a nature show. Bella gritted a smile trying her best to keep herself covered up.

"He's not."

"You shouldn't let him do that to you. Its just wrong." Jane informed her.

"That's how he gets his food," she looked at Jane then as her hand was on her shoulder as she stood there next to her on the couch. "Ever seen a cat with kittens?"

Jane shook her head, no.

"A calf and a Momma cow?"

"A cow?" She thought about that. "You're doing what cows do?"

"Something like that. Its what Moms do with babies."

"I did that to you?"

"No. You didn't like it." Actually, Bella didn't like it then, and she didn't know why she felt like doing it now. Exactly.

"He likes it," Jane said.

Bella just smiled. It seemed to be the only thing she could do right these days.


Grace said...

Seriously guys, this whole story/script needs to be turned into a book or script and sold to a soapie producer or a publisher..If not, this is talent being sat on every day..

Clandestine Heart said...

Emily's dirty boy. Ha.

diane said...

I agree with Grace.

What's up with Bella, she's so uptight?

Paul Pincus said...

"A cow?" She thought about that. "You're doing what cows do?"

loved this. cheers, -paul pincus

Ivyoaks said...

Aw..that was a nice moment with Jane. Bella needs more of those.