Monday, February 2, 2009

Find me a dirty boy

Emily didn't think this was nearly as bad as Bella wanted to believe. It was just the girls and Gib. And, yes, she had her hands full with Gib, still the girls were patience enough with her. At one point Jane wanted to brush Bella's hair who kept fighting on it for the longest time, but finally gave in after watching her brush Emily's hair.

Of course, the girls wanted to touch Gib too.

"I've seen a boy before." Jane was very informative on the subject. After all, she spent a good portion of her life in day care. "Lucy has too."

Emily wasn't exactly sure what that meant.

"I can tell the difference, you know." She informed Emily who looked at Bella who hoped she wasn't really listening in on this conversation while Emily was changing Gib's pamper.

"I see."

"That's a penis." She pointed.

Emily cleared her throat. "That's what it is." Emily put on the pamper quickly as Gib kicked away.

"But I don't have one." She told her.

Emily just nodded as if she were the one being educated. Of course, Jane did her best to use the correct terminology only it came out, "Lucy and I have virginias."

Emily did her best to keep from laughing.

"That's so nice to know, but we really shouldn't be talking about it." Emily was sure Bella would really come unglued. "Come on," Emily picked up Gib then and, "Lets go watch TV." She took her hand and Jane took Lucy's as if she was out to be the big sister she was, and they all found a spot on the couch.

Emily looked around for Bella but she was off in the kitchen fussing with their Mom about something. It was cozy just Emily and the three kids. Gib was fascinated by both of the girls. He watched them both as if he was learning something. Of course, they were just staring at the TV waiting for Sponge Bob. Ever so often, Jane would tell Lucy that Gib was her brother. Emily just knew she'd ask her if Gib could come home with them, but instead after awhile she whispered in Emily's ear.

"Find me a dirty boy."

Emily couldn't help but smile.

"What are you talking about?"

"Find me a dirty boy." Jane whispered back. She almost giggled.

"What would you do with a dirty boy?" Emily finally asked wondering where in the world was this conversations going. She hadn't had one this interesting even with the girls in her salon classes.

About that time her cell rang. She reached for it in her pocket.


"I didn't get voice mail this time." It was Archie.

"Sorry, little busy tonight." She told him.

"Well, peak out your curtain and see if I'm at the right house," he then said.

She couldn't help but smile. She got up and pulled back the curtain in the livingroom. There he was still on his cell in the driveway.

"Jane, I think we've found our dirty boy," she looked back at Jane then after she got off the phone with him. "What are we going to do with him?" She asked going to the door.

"Wash his hair." Jane laughed.


Cate said...

Haha, Jane is so funny :D
That's always a difficult subject to talk about, but at least Jane already KNOWS it and Gordy and Bella don't have to go thru the awkward act of explaining everything to her :D
Sponge Bob is funny ^^
"Find me a dirty boy" ^^ Jane is sure to be a maneater when she grows up!!
Aw, Archie is cute. Let's see how he will react to Jane.

diane said...

Cait, this is great stuff. Where did you ever think this up?
I love little kids, don't you?

Karine said...

Huahauhau..Very,very good!

Hilarious this chap!


A kiss!
Oh..Thanks for the comments!


ellie said...

this so made me laugh. I really love Jane.