Saturday, February 14, 2009

Its time

Whitney just knew this was a disaster in the making. Serena was here for the party. Not that Serena would do anything disastrous, but there would be Rachel and Gordy. What had they been thinking?

At least she wasn't the odd person out. She had Floyd with her. He'd brought the cake she'd made especially for Charlotte along with heart shaped sugar cookies drenched in chocolate for everyone to take home.

"Well, we have enough seats for the dinner party?" Whitney asked Cal as she was finishing the last touches on her lasagna.

"Yeah, I think so." Kal didn't look too worried about it. "You think we invited too many people?"

"Of course not." Whitney smiled as if the more the merrier.

"Even Emily? Bella too?" He looked a bit off about it as he was helping her with warm rolls to set on the table.

"You'll manage splendid, you always do?" She smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Right. I always do." He tried to smile.

"You've opened the wine?" She asked.


"Then bring me some?" Whitney went to toss the salad.

"Already?" He almost laughed.

"Yes, if I don't have any now, I might not have any at all." She shrugged handing him over the lasagna to put on the table then.

"Are you trying to tell me that's how you get through all of this?" He grinned.

"Well, you have your beer." She looked at him point blank.

"True." He nodded.

"I think its time to get this show on the road, don't you?" Whitney picked up the big bowl of salad then to take to the table. She just hoped everyone was getting along OK. Really, it was no time to worry about it.


diane said...

She's right about the wine. That happened to me once at an event. By the time I had a chance to get a glass of wine, it was gone.
Lasanga? Suddenly, I'm hungry, yum. xo

Psyconym said...

Happy Valentines Day!!

I hope your roof is better! We still have the builders in. The house will never be finished.

Research would be cool. Archiving would be more about helping people find out about things at record offices and the like. Its an option I could take.

Hugs and Kisses

Cate said...

Thank you ever so much for your last comment you left me.
Happy Valentine's day!
Okay... I've been looking forward to reading about this party all the time. The food sounds delicious, for a start <3

dapper kid said...

Ooooh heart shaped cookies and cake :)

Ivyoaks said...

um..that sounds like a nice dinner. Happy Valentines day!

ellie said...

Oh..hope its a good one for you. Happy Valentines day! um..good food, good company!

Sydney said...

happy valentine's!