Friday, February 13, 2009

bleeding lips

"You're sure you really want me coming to this thing?" Archie asked as if maybe he should go home instead.

Emily didn't know what else to do but to practically drag him into her room by his ears.

"Why not?" She couldn't tell him she needed him there. Actually. She kept looking at him, wishing he wouldn't mess with his hair so much. She'd just fixed it, for god-sakes. But by the looks of things he wasn't exactly going to make a move as he looked as if he wasn't supposed to be here in her room. "Jane will be there."

"Yeah, but all these people- I'm not really good with people." He looked sad about it.

"There aren't that many, really. Just my ex, my sister's exes and their new girlfriends. See, its not complicated at all." She smiled while her hands rested around neck. "You'll be fine."

He didn't look so pleased.

Emily sighed then. It was now or never. She guessed. It was time. Unsure, if it would be a deal breaker. She kissed him.

Naturally, it wasn't the best kiss. Perhaps, because he wasn't ready. Or the thought he might have cut her upper lip. Emily hadn't expected that. She imagine her lip was bleeding and then the thought of blood on his face.

She licked her upper lip then. She guessed it was OK. He didn't act as if he'd seen a horrible thing.

"Relax." She told him.

"I'm relaxed." He did a bit of a tense dance shake down that was quite funny. Of course it didn't help.

She took his hand and she sat down on the bed and he sat next to her. This was nice. Maybe this was all they needed. The kissing could come later. Much later. Perhaps. But then he gave her a very soft kiss on the cheek. Emily smiled. She closed her eyes then. Evidently, he'd have to be the one to find her lips first. It felt a bit like reverse psychology, but it just might work.


Cate said...

Archie's first kiss... So cute. I think it's also a good idea to take him to the party. He seems the sort who doesn't have any friends, but could have a load of friends if he ever was around some people. Personally, I find his awkward manner very winning...

diane said...

I love them as a couple.
I think everybody is going to have a better time at this party than they are expecting.

I really love your writing, Cait. xo

Cait said...

Thanks Diane for making my day. You too, Cate. Its miserable out. I'm so glad to be home.

Ivyoaks said...

thank you, Cait..oh..I love Archie & Emily together..