Monday, February 16, 2009

a little to the left that should have gone right

Honestly, Rosco couldn't tell if Charlotte was having a heart to heart with Rachel or if it were a fight. What a pair they made. He hoped they worked better together. He guess they did. They'd been working together at the library. But what was going on.

He went to take Gib away from Gordy.

"Maybe you should go check on Rachel," Rosco kept looking at the both of them. He was afraid to go over there. Rosco was sure he'd just make it worse. Anyway, Gib was happy to see him. Drool and all. He was busy wanting to look at everything and everyone. Especially at Jane and Lucy. He took him over so he could kick about at them as if he was just in the mix too.

Gordy went to see what was the matter. Rosco didn't want to watch now. He sighed then and noticed Emily was looking at him.

"Have you met Archie?" She asked then.

Rosco guess he hadn't. His mind when blank. Suddenly, he felt he had to take Emily's lead. Perhaps being vague was best.

"No, no I haven't." Rosco did his purposeful handshake then.

Of course, all he got out of Archie was a slight handshake and a bit of a nod. He seemed very close to Emily.

"So?" So what was he suppose to say. "What have you guys been up too?"

"We went to see The Reader," Emily smiled as if Archie might be some literary genius and only enjoyed long movies that only a woman would want to go too.

"Oh yeah, Kate Winslat," Rosco grinned. "How was she? She was really hawt in Little Children."

"She should win an Oscar," Emily told him. "Her accent was perfect. She was so there with her character."

"Don't suppose they give out Oscars for best sex scene or anything, huh, like at the MTV awards." Rosco wish he hadn't said that, but oh well.

"Best Kiss at the MTV awards." Now she was getting snippy with him.

"Yeah, right." He sort of wanted her to go away now. He would, but Gib had the girls to entertain. "God, I'm hungry."

"We should eat soon." She then looked at Archie who was so attached to her. Why couldn't he say something? Was it Rosco's fault? He couldn't think of a thing to say. Rosco looked back, Gordy was still in a deep conversation with Rachel.


the oaks said...

Oh Rosco..what a brother.

ellie said...

That must have been an awkward conversation with Emily...I liked how he finds Archie so 'intellect'..hahahaa..

Cate said...

Wiht Charlotte and Rachel, it's probably a bit of both... A heart to heart AND a fight ^^
I noticed, Emily's last two boyfriends were both guys who didn't migle with other people much-Casper because he was blind, and Archie's just... well, adorable Archie ^^ A literary genius indeed, lol
Oh ya! I wanna see the reader too. I like Kate Winslet a lot. I think she should win an Oscar too.
Haha, maybe they SHOULD give out Oscars for the best sex scene. Or best kiss scene. Or whatevs ^^

diane said...

Rachel and Charlotte should just be left alone. No one will be there to mediate between them at work.
I think I'm developing a crush on Archie.

simon n josh said... could be trouble. Rosco..I'm glad he can still talk to Emily.

Karine said...

I like their talks..It's so fresh!I mean..With the Oscars and stuff..


I bet Kate Winslet IS going to win!



Thanks for the comment!