Tuesday, February 17, 2009

cherry cherry boom boom

Bella thought Rachel was arguing with Gordy, but she wasn't sure. It gave her a smile to think it was true. Oh, the fireworks.

"I wonder what that's about," she whispered in Fish's ear. It had been nice to be so close to him. And to have other people look after Gib for awhile. Even Gordy. Of course, Kal hadn't exactly came over to even look at him now. Yeah, some father instinct. And it made her smile all the more. Why? Why, did she get such pleasure in seeing that others were... well, worse off. Or, not even capable of being genuine as expected. Something like that. Oh, she couldn't put her finger on it, but she marveled in the idea that things were not all that great for Gordy.

"What are you smiling about?" Fish was oblivious. She liked that about him. He was always in his own little world. And she loved being in his world. "What's so funny?" He touched her face and she took his hand and looked at his fingers, seeing the work, day in and day out on his grooved fingers. these were not the hands she remembered who worked with guitars, and she felt a bit sad about that. Only for a moment.

"Oh, its nothing really." She needed to think of something. Perhaps they could slip away to the bathroom. Do something fun. Dangerous. Yeah, well, no...peculiar, but not really. Just to be with him. Although, it would seem strange to kiss him on the toilet. She could imagine the rings from the shower curtain, popping. She guessed that would be a mess. But really, had they had sex anywhere, but in bed with Gib not so far away in his crib in their room.

She wondered if he listened to them. She wondered if he knew.

Well, Kal was calling everyone to the dinner table, but where was Gordy and Rachel?

"We can't wait for them, can we?" Bella asked once they got seated.

"Maybe she's right, we should just eat while everything it hot," Whitney stood there waiting as if she wouldn't eat until afterwards. Bella liked the idea that Whitney agreed with her.

Of course, Kal pulled Whitney down to sit next to him. He dished out the casserole for Charlotte first then Whitney. It felt like a slow process to Bella. She looked at Fish. Why couldn't they be in the bathroom making out?


cady x said...

First comment. Shizam.

Haha. I like how Bella's mind works. She's still incredibly selfish but in a less obvious way.

diane said...

I think Bella has something a little deep seated going on, poor girl.

I'd love to hear what the little kids dinner conversation is. xo

Cate said...

Aw, Bella you're so evil.
I like people who live in their own world too.
Haha, I can imagine that parents often wonder if their kids know that they're having sex. When I first learned how babies are made, I thought that sex was for reproduction only ^^
Well, I hope Bella gets her moment with Fish!

ellie said...

That bella is something.