Monday, February 9, 2009


Archie had never had a vacation before. Actually, there were a lot of things he'd never had before. Like a girlfriend and pizza that wasn't frozen. He guessed he'd lived a sheltered life. More like a vacuum. A place where no one talked. Old parents with old things. And when they were gone, it had just been he and his brother Scott who was twelve years older than him. Not that his brother had ever had to raise him. They'd hardly shared a room together at one time together even being at the house alone. It had been ominous. Perhaps. But quiet. Very quiet. Nothing really discussed because that just wasn't what the family did. And then Scott got sick and now it was just down right scary being alone.

Of course, his bud Jed at work said they could have a party all the time. at his place.

"Um, I don't think so." Archie didn't like hosting such ruckuses. It just frightened him that someone would want to be at his parents house. It was their house. And he had left it mostly the way they had. Not a newspaper out of place. Dust had covered the place quite a bit too, like a soft blanket. There was a comfort to it. He'd left it alone. Alone.

It was amazing he'd come this far. Really, he was suppose to be a nurse practioneer. But he hated it. People talked to him. He had to talk to them. And he didn't know how. He was good though at one thing. Finding a place in, especially old arms and children, a needle to draw blood.

He didn't know why he was good at it. He worked early mornings at the hospital before he even got down at the Red Cross blood bank. Nothing else to do. Nothing else. Until now. And this. This was just like going on a game show. Here he was at Emily's. And there were people who actually listened to him. Not that he was good at jokes or anything. But her niece had really cracked him up.

"Are you Emmy's dirty boy?" She'd asked.

"I guess I am." Well, he went with it. Jane was so easy to talk to.

"Then we have to wash your hair and she'll cut it all off."

"But I kind of like my hair."

"Not no more. That's what they do on TV. And then girls will want you." She smiled as if it was true. He had too. "I wanna help."

"Normally, I don't let girls touch my hair." He shrugged about the fact. Actually, he wasn't sure the last time he had a haircut. Did it look that bad? Nobody ever said anything about it.

But here he was getting a haircut by Emily in Emily's kitchen, and he thought it had to be as good as sex. Had to be. But he wouldn't know. Since he had never been kissed. This was the closest thing to being touched, and really he hoped it didn't show.


diane said...

Man, this guy's as messed up as Norman Bates.

We're getting mild temps. here all week, and some rain. I'm dying to do something fun outside. Hope you get some sun on your face kiddo. xo

Cate said...

About "where do you go":
Aw, I feel bad for Emily now. From what I understood, first her mother didn't want to her about "it" when it happened, and now she's all concerned. A bit hypocritical.. But maybe not, since she actually cried.. I don't know what I'd do in Emily's place. Maybe Archie needs to know, but then he doesn't...

About this chapter: Aw, I think it's cool that Archie has never had a girlfriend before.
Jane and her wisdom from TV are so cute :-)
I really like Archie. I hope he gets kissed soon.

Karine said...


By the way..Those photos of Bella and Gordy are fantastic!
I loved it.


Thanks for the comments!



ellie said...

Archie is sweet yet sad. I like him.

Ivyoaks said...

Emily must save him! & Jane, too.