Sunday, February 8, 2009

where do you go

Emily knew her mother wasn't too fond of this situation with Archie. After all, he'd stayed on the couch a good portion of the week.

"Shouldn't you tell him the truth." It was more of an order than a question.

"About what?" Emily really thought it was best to stay mute about the past with her Mom. It always had been. She really never wanted to know exactly what it was. And Emily had repressed it so much it felt like a blur to even bring up now.

"See this is just it," her mother had her in the kitchen of all places to discuss this matter. Honestly, she didn't want Archie walking in on this conversation. It was something ancient. Something that felt like a very distant other world. "You never talk about it. Never."

"Whats the point." Emily looked straight at her. "You didn't listen to me when-when." She hated the thought of it now. It was like a bitter pill she'd choked on. Yes, there was a time when she'd tried to tell her in this very kitchen, but she didn't believe her. She never did. "Can we not do this now."

"Well, he's here." Her mom said.

"And he had nothing to do with it. He doesn't even know about what his brother did, and he's not his brother." Emily squinted tears. "Just shut up, will you. Shut up. I'm fine. Finally, I'm fine and you go and bring up stuff that, that you never believed anyway. And now you think you can tell me what to do. Well, you can't."

Her mother reached out to console her, but she wouldn't let her.

"But, you have to understand, he needs to know, Emily. He needs to know what his brother did."
She was crying too. Emily hadn't expected that.


diane said...

Whoa, heavy. Mom should butt out.

another.ellie said...

That would be tricky. Mom might be right though.

fan fic said...

I love the header..and the new B. Oh, I feel sad both for Em & her mum.

SuLLaYY++OreoSS= rocking said...

Wow this is a deep post.
I like this story.
It's amazing.