Sunday, February 22, 2009


Emily was caught off guard, actually. It felt sudden, but not. She'd never been in such a state. What to do? When? Did she love him?

There was a problem. Did she just throw it out there. The baggage of her past that she still carried around. Hoping it might ward him off. Hoping he'd see the light and go running back to Omaha where he needed to be.

No, she wanted him. She did. Only, there was this old feeling creeping in. Was he worth it? Really?

She smiled at him and thought they should go back to her room and sort this out. Perhaps, not exactly proper. Was there such a thing? No, she didn't buy into that. Perhaps it was a test. All right, she was dying to know. Deep down it bothered her that she was probably his first. Would it be right? Would it be just too much to handle? No, this was more of a test for her than for him, perhaps.

She could see he might be to far gone now for anything more than maybe a one night stand of some kind. Of course, it was in the wee morning hours, and the house was quiet so they had to be quiet.

Naturally, she undressed first, except for the black bikini undies and the gray thigh high socks.

"What-what-what are you doing?" Archie was quick to stammer over his words, looking yet not and deciding he'd best shut his eyes tight. "You're just trying to mess with me, aren't you?"

"Possibly." She smirked a little taking his hand. "You can open your eyes."

"I-I don't want to."

"Archie, do you realise I've been with a blind guy, and he even keeps his eyes open," She pulled him on the bed, pulling his sweater over his head. "How can you be sure of anything if-if you don't know what you're really getting in to?"

"I just know." He looked at her face as he sat there watching her, yet his eyes casually noticed exactly what had been uncovered under her bra. He let out a breath. "And..and" He choked slightly. "I just want it to be-" He rushed in for a kiss then and touched her left nipple ever so carefully as if this was what he longed to do, and it was all he needed.


ellie said...

aw, don't ruin it for Archie, but maybe she didn't.

Cate said...

A declaration must really catch you off guard, I can imagine (I can't tell for sure because nobody ever declared his love to me).
I think Archie needs someone like Emily, in his life and for his first time. Someone with experience.
Aw, he is so sweet, shutting his eyes. It's probably the first time she's seen a naked girl.
But he's going to be good at this, I know it ^^

diane said...

Emily's past is exactly that... her past. Everybody has one. Archie can help her start fresh, and he might be the only one who can. He is somewhat of a novice himself. They could have a splendid future together. xo