Friday, February 6, 2009

some where over the rainbow

Rachel dreaded Jared's big production when he came in to work. After all, she was just his assistant. Who did everything. She did strive to do her best when it came to work. Perhaps she did more than anyone else who had ever had the job.

"Seriously, I think you do too much." Someone told her from technical service. She did after all take care of all the Young Adult materials, from getting the records into the system which required editing from a data base to physical processing. This was something the director had somehow turned over to the young adult librarian because he couldn't stand him, either (well, that was hear say but Rachel heard plenty of it.) and guess who Jared turned it over too? Then there were plenty of phone calls to make about upcoming events that Rachel had to keep track of too. It just when on and on and on. And that was just her mornings.

Jared spent plenty of time sick. On the other hand, Rachel never missed a day of work even with a little one. And a lot of those days, she'd spent plenty of nights up with Lucy. This had all dwindled down to one thing...bitch was the new black and Rachel wore it well.

She came unglued when Jared mentioned to her that perhaps she should only have a half hour lunch break instead of a full hour that she had been given. "You know, so you can jump start the afternoon." He was pleasant enough about it.

"And what will you be doing?"

"I don't know, I have computer stuff. I guess." He looked at her as if this was one little puppy that needed to be tended too. Half the time, she was never sure if he was flirting or just obsessed with himself. Of course, he always did a lot of touching. Just couldn't keep his hands out of her hair when he was around. And she was ever so glad when he wasn't around.

She couldn't remember how many times she'd go to the inter-library lady who was old enough to be her grandmother. "I'm just sick of it. I want to quit so bad." She'd be in tears. So much stuff to do and he'd be asking her for more.

"No, don't say that. You've come so far. You're taking online classes. You will be somewhere else in this library some day. Way over his head. You will, because you've got the will to do it." Kim had told her. Rachel hated the fact that she needed this pep talk everyday.

Kim had saved her from the half hour lunch break. She went in and told the director all the things she witnessed Rachel doing in the morning. She rarely ever had a break. Everyone else had hour lunch breaks.

Anyway, Rachel was all set to tell Jared how much she hated the play when he got in that morning to work, but he never came. She figured as much. He probably had a hang over from the cast party.

"Well, do you think you can handle it today?" The director called her in just before noon.

"I guess, I have before." There had been plenty of days he'd been sick.

"How about permanently?"

Rachel just looked at him blankly through her thick glasses. What was he talking about?

Jared had been arrested. It seemed he'd been seeing someone from the library who was just fifteen.

Rachel wasn't sure she'd heard him correctly.

"We need someone who can immediately fulfill the position."

"No problem."

"You seem to be working out so well," he smiled. "You seem to know computers. You've caught on so quickly. So much more quickly than a lot of your mentors. They all have good things to say about you."

"But what about my job?" She'd need someone to take her place.

"Well, it needs to go to someone who has a hardship. Some one you can work with, of course."

Rachel could only think of one person.

"How about that young lady who's always here in the afternoons. Well, I've seen her from time to time."

"She's still in high school." Rachel was glad he'd remembered Charlotte.

"You think she'd be interested?"

"I hope." Rachel hoped they were still friends enough for her to want it.


Cate said...

About last chapter: Aw, I sometimes get this feeling too that somebody doesn't like me. Derrick does seem a bit of a jerk.

I like Bella's new photo :)

"bitch was the knew black and Rachel wore it well." Love that sentence. Seems Rachel is a good worker!
But Jared is a jerk too! Wanting to give her only a half hour for lunch break!!! And then always flirting. That he was arrested and what he was arrested for fits his character.

dapper kid said...

Hmm assistants always seem to work harder than the people above them! I think work just gets delegated down until it can no longer be delegated.

diane said...

Jared's a slimeball, Rachel was smart to stay discreet and professional. I hope Charlotte doesn't get weird about this opportunity. xo I can't believe how involved I get in your story (haha).

cady x said...

I can sympathize with that whole pep-talk thing. It's almost like a drug.

Ivyoaks said...

Oh..this is looking up for Rachel and even Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I never knew this was so hard on Rachel... Now I feel bad about blaming her. You know, Gordy and all.
"bitch was the knew black and Rachel wore it well."
-- Wow. You couldn't have explained it better :)
I'm glad this is looking brighter for Rach, then.