Saturday, February 7, 2009

a change

Actually, Whitney was surprised when she got the call from Charlotte. She only talked to Kal on her lunch break. It was a nice surprise.

"It just sort of fell in to my lap. I was suppose to go to the recruiter's office tomorrow." Charlotte told her.

"You still want to join the Air Force?"

"I dunno." Charlotte shrugged. "I just thought that's all I had. But what if I don't pass my physical? What if I can't even get through boot camp? I've been so lazy this winter, you know."

"Are you sure that's it?" Whitney wondered. "Rosco have anything to do with this?"

Charlotte almost giggled.

"You think he'll be mad at me if I take the job?" Charlotte wanted to know.

"Are you kidding me? He's gonna be so excited."

"Well, its not like I'm gonna be getting paid like a rocket scientist or anything," Charlotte sighed.

"But its a start. You'll be doing what you've been doing and get paid. And maybe you'll get more recognition for all the illustrations you do." Whitney told her.

"I guess so."

"Look, we'll get a celebration dinner in the works for you. All right?"

"Great! Oh, can we invite Serena?" Charlotte then asked.

"Don't see why not." Whitney got off the phone before anyone suspected it was a personal call.


diane said...

Military or art work, no brainer. xo

Cate said...

You know, it astonished me that Charlotte wanted to join the Air Force. I know it though when plans for the future change. Two years ago I was still so sure that I wanted to be an actress. Now... I'm not so sure.. Which is crap, actually, because the moment when I have to decide is coming NEARER.
So cool that Whitney and Charlotte are friends. And I'm happy for Charlotte that she now has a job.

cady x said...

LOL. One of my friends is joining the Air Force . . . she hopes, anyway.

ellie said...

I think Charlotte made the right choice.

what we needed said...

Oh my..wonder who will all be at this party?

Ivyoaks said...

I hope Charlotte & Rachel can really work together.