Wednesday, February 18, 2009

that other course

Gordy so wanted to slap some sense in to Rachel, but he knew he wouldn't. He wouldn't dare. He thought she might fight him all the way to the bathroom, but she didn't. Not really. Not until they got there. Not until he shut the door behind him. Got it locked.

She slapped him.

It stung. Really, it did but he still didn't quite believe it.

"What was that for?" He winced.

"You." She grimaced then, seething slightly in her bitterness. "How could you!"

"How could I what?" He grabbed her shoulders then, wanting her to whisper.

"You know what you did," she snapped, ready to push him away.

"Can you just settle down?" He looked at her point blank. He wrapped his arms around her."This isn't about you or me. This is Charlotte's party, and we are here for her. Not this. Not what ever got you so riled up. Can you just listen to me."

Rachel was shaking slightly. He brushed his fingers through her hair.

"It'll be all right," he told her. "It will. You just have to keep remembering that. Stop looking back so much, will you?"

She sighed then.

He felt as if the tantrum had subsided. Maybe. She shook her head. He let go. Rachel looked at him. They kissed. He supposed she wasn't finished with him yet.


ellie said...

I can't believe she slapped him..bu then again..that might be what he likes about her. hmmmmm....

cady x said...

Of course she isn't finished with him yet . . .

Yeah, it was around 11am . . . and as for the characters . . . well, maybe they all secretly hate each other. Or maybe they're all in love. Or they could all be just confused, like me. You'd think I'd have a better sense of these people by now.

diane said...

Is Rachel's middle name Sybill?

Karine said...

I really like Gordy.Since the beginning of this story,I enjoy the chaps with him.


Rachel was pretty mad there..But he could chill her.For now,I guess..



Thanks for the comments!


cady x said...

My mistake. I meant "IN ten" . . . not what I did type.

cady x said...

LOL. Yeah. At first I was confused about why you were confused.