Friday, February 27, 2009

that's a wrap

Charlotte looked around at the fifth thrift place they'd stopped at. She couldn't believe it. She'd spent most of the day with Bella and Emily. It was a shock, actually. Had she meant to spend this much time with them? Actually, Bella. She was so thorough, going through dresses, pants, tops. She just wanted Charlotte to have a fashion show.

"But-" That was about all Charlotte got out. She'd get in one out fit, show it to Bella, and she'd be back to try on another. It was really irritating some woman, who's teenage son just hung around at the dressing room to see what she might come out in.

"Well, I don't need a prom dress." Charlotte wondered how many times she'd have to put on all these one shoulder sparkly numbers that she could only show up in Vegas in. "I don't think I want one."

"But you never know when you might need it, and did you see how cheap it is?" Bella reminded her.

She finally bought one just to make her shut up. Emily wasn't as persistent, just with Gib who she walked around with. After a while she sat with him.

"I think Emily should go home," Charlotte said at one point, thinking Emily was overdue a rest for her time of catering to every need of Bella's.

"She's just fine," Bella kept insisting who looked as if she hadn't had so much fun in a long time.

"Well, I'm getting her this." Charlotte pulled out a black lacy skirt that might have been more of a petticoat of some sort. It was so romantic and rather Emily to Charlotte.

"Why?" Bella looked at her blankly.

"Because," Charlotte didn't think she needed to explain. Then she reached in a tub of T-shirts and found an old "Ramones" black shirt for a quarter. "Perhaps you could make a tube top out of this." And she tossed it to her. Really, she didn't want to pay for anything she got Bella, but she supposed she would. "I think I've found enough stuff. We should go home." Just about then Rosco was calling her on her cell, wondering where she was.


Cate said...

I would have never thought that Charlotte wuld spend time with Emily and Bella, either.
I love trying on Vegas numbers!! :D
Oh, so nice of Charlotte to get Emily a skirt! Hearing about the skirt, I WANT it! :D
And the Ramones shirt, too. I wouldn't make a tube top out of it.

diane said...

The Ramones shirt would look great with the little skirt, some ripped tights, and a pair of converse.

Wow, girl's day out shopping! That's one of my favorites. What a fun chapter. xo

Anonymous said...

i like how they went out shopping together. its good

ellie said...

Well..too bad Bella & Charlotted couldn't get along better.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Charlotte is spending time with Emily and Bella, too bad it wasn't as perfect as it could have been...
You know I love this. You always keep me hanging on your story!

It was really irritating some woman, who's teenage son just hung around at the dressing room to see what she might come out in.
-- Haha, you got me laughing at that one, too ^^

Have a nice weekend, Cait!

Ivyoaks said...

oh..what a style show. I can see why charlotte might be angry too. You can only have so much fun..sometimes.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't hurt my eyes at all! I'm actually lovin this new layout :D
And the header is probably one of my favorites so far :)
You did an amazing job. Again.

Thanks on your note. It's good to know it was a good change. I just got sick of the probably-too-girly look.
And I can't believe that scene was actually based on real life events! Haha, that makes it extra funny ^^

cady x said...

I love the new colors.
And this was fun to read. I kept seeing this whole scene unfold in the local Goodwill . . . where, incidentally, I found a couple of really nice ball gowns.

Thanks for the note. Yeah . . . I like that feature about Blogspot, but since it isn't at Diaryland, I think it kind of forces me to actually finish stuff than to just keep it sitting around in storage for a while, half-finished.

diane said...

Cait, I love the new header, and this color green is sooooo soothing. mmmmmm. xo