Thursday, February 26, 2009

making the cut

Emily was a bit nervous. She didn't know why Charlotte intimidated her. Perhaps it was the thought she was still a virgin of some kind with Rosco. Really, she didn't know why she thought it.

Perhaps it was the threat that Charlotte would say anything on her mind. Not that she knew her well. But she remembered her at school. And not that she'd ever directly brought any attention to herself, but she remembered on occasion of her yelling at someone if she saw someone in a fight. Once she saw her jump on some football player's back and pull his hair while he was picking on some Freshman and she'd screamed endlessly, "WHY DON'T YOU PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE!" True, Charlotte had a way of frightening certain people and they left her alone.

There was something about this relentless strength she had that Emily admired. Charlotte hung out with all sorts, yet she never bent to any of their rules. She was always on her own in the end. And the less popular a person was, the more Charlotte liked them.

"So what do you want me to do?" Emily knew she needed to work at the personal sense of working with people as a hairstylist.

"I'm in your hands. It will grow out, you know." She sounded as if the pressure was off.

"I guess a buzz cut would be out of the question." Emily remarked.

"Yeah, that might really scare Rachel," Charlotte smiled. "But that would be funny." She giggled. "Um, give me something that she'll envy. And then, she'll want to come over and have you do her hair." Charlotte smirked. "How's that?"

"All right." Emily sighed, thinking that might be even a harder task than either of them knew.

"You'll think of something," Charlotte kept waiting. "So did your fellow go back to Omaha?"

"No, he's still here." Emily told her as she sprayed down her naturally wavy hair. "I think he might stay awhile, actually."

"Good for him, maybe- I don't know, would it be weird having me and Rosco around? You know, if we all went out. Assuming I make some money with this gig. Not that I'm a real librarian, as if, but you know, sometime, not right away." Charlotte rambled a bit.

"I guess." Emily started trimming then.

"Wonder when your sister will let Gib stay over, sometime? You know, with Kal and Whit?" Charlotte then asked.

"I doubt anytime soon." Emily shrugged. Really, Emily doubted Bella wouldn't know how to function without him.


Alayna Whisper said...

I used to live in Omaha. Loved it there, except for the weekly tornado warnings. lol

ellie said...

This is interesting how emily thinks of charlotte.

Alayna Whisper said...

yeah i remember the blizzard in '97 freaky

diane said...

The way Emily is thinking of Charlotte is cool. Charlotte could be a strong ally.
Wavy hair is really hard to cut, but long shag's look great with that texture.
Nice, comfortable post. Just what I needed to read this morning. xo

Cate said...

About "not out of a box": It's true that Emily makes sandwiches... She made Archie one! I do think cooking is really a fun and healing action. Bella is so mean, discriminating against Serena that way. Or in fact, discriminating against everyone.

Truly, I never thought of Charlotte as frightening, but now Emily thinks about it... Charlotte is not exactly my favourite character, but I like people who hang out with all sorts but never bend to any of their rules. unpredictable people. She does sound like a cool person, although I hate to admit it ^^
I envy how easily Charlotte makes conversation. I never know what to say to my hairdresser, it's always kinda awkward, which is why I hate going to the hairdresser's. And: seems Charlotte and Rachel aren't really that good friends anymore, if Charlotte wants Rachel to envy her!!

dapper kid said...

Hmm Charlotte is one of those scary in your face types...I don't like her, but I have a feeling there might be something underneath all the bravado maybe?

Ivyoaks said...

It might work out ..very interesting friendships.

cady x said...

Haha. Charlotte. Reminds me of someone I used to know . . . super nice, but heaven help you if you made her mad for some reason . . .