Tuesday, February 24, 2009

timing is everything

Rachel didn't want to talk about the party. Thankfully, Gordy didn't bring it up. But was that really a party? Really? Although, it had had its defining moments which Rachel would never divulge to Charlotte. But as she mixed up the chocolate cake mix for cupcakes, Rachel figured it out. Charlotte had a new best friend.

She could hardly stand it, but she knew it was because Whitney lived with Charlotte. Granted, no way would she want Charlotte moving in here. It was crowded as it was in their little apartment. There was so much stuff Rachel couldn't bring. Half the time, she still had to go home to find clothes to wear.

Still, it was aggravating. She was suppose to be Charlotte's best friend. Wasn't she? What if this job ruined that too? This was going to be like walking on thin ice. She had to get her act together before it was too late. But of course, getting there was half the battle.

"I'm not sure you should be taking showers anymore with Lucy," Gordy broke her train of thought. Showers? What was he talking about?

"You know, what I mean. I'm not sure its wise, you always, you know, the way you-"

"God, Gordy, I've been bathing with Lucy since she was an infant. Its always quicker that way." This was like swallowing a bitter pill.

"You know how Jane feels about this?" Gordy looked at her as if she better take this serious.

"No, I don't. Why should it matter?" Rachel quickly stirred up the batter. She only had so much time to put into baking.

"Its just, I think it would be best. How long are you going to be taking showers with her. Til she's 16?" Gordy made a point.

"She's just a baby," Rachel squinted. "All right. But she likes taking them with me, you know."

"So, she and Jane take baths, already." True. They had the whole night thing down to an art. Eat. TV time. Bathtime. Storytime. Bedtime.

Rachel didn't know what he was so upset about. She did the whole thing out of fear to begin with. Never wanting to leave Lucy alone when she was in the shower. Always unsure what to do with a baby when she had to get ready in the morning.

"Just don't say I'm a bad Mom." Rachel kept even lipped then. Really, she was trying to do the best she could. At least she hadn't put whiskey on her gums like her mother had suggest when she was teething.


Cate said...

About the chapter before this: Haha, when Rosco said Charlotte and Emily shouldn't talk about him, I would be curious and talk about him... LOL. Maybe not.
Poor Charlotte. I didn't expect her to start crying...

Well, I'd say Rachel can hardly be surprised that she and Charlotte aren't that close anymore. She didn't always treat her that nicely... But it's always hard acknowledging that your best friend hasd anew best friend. Somehow, I have stopped using the term best friend. Less said, less hurt.
I think Gordy has a point about those showers. It seems somehow.... over-protective.

diane said...

Charlotte and Rachel will be fine. Some of the best friendships are working friendships. Humor is a must on the job scene, it diffuses tension. So, that will carry over into their friendship off the job, too.
Rachel should not listen to anyone when it comes to the showers, except her own heart. You cannot be overprotective with a small child, only older children.
God, I love the way your stories get the thought processes going. xo

Karine said...

I bet she does her best.Raising a child is not an easy job at all.


Thanks for the comment!
I was out of town but..I'm back!



ellie said...

Oh, I think Rachel will know when its time to stop with Lucy. I think she's a good Mom. I think she might have to work at being Charlotte's bbf

Alayna Whisper said...

I used to take showers and baths with my mom till i was like 4....

simon n josh said...

I took baths a long time with my brothers..I guess our last one together..he was 8, I was 6 and my little brother was 3. Mom knew how to conserve water.