Wednesday, February 25, 2009

not out of a box

Bella was taking her chances of making homemade cream cheese frosting. Really, it was easy. She'd decided since she was after all the non-cook in the family for the most part. Of course, Emily didn't cook, either. Perhaps a grilled cheese sandwich, occasionally.

"What are you doing?" Emily eyed the carrot cake that Bella had baked.

"Just practicing. I'll make Mom the cake, myself." Bella looked at her as if Emily was a day behind in all of this.

"I ordered the cake," Emily told her. "It'll be professionally done, you know."

"How professional can it be from somebody who just has one hand? I have two, you know." Bella just blinked as if that had to count for something.

"Did you call any of the people I asked you to on the list?"

"No, you know, I hate talking over the phone." Bella just shrugged.

"Well, thanks a lot, sis, as usual you always do your thing even if its not even part of the deal." Emily shot back.

"Where's what's his face?" Bella decided to change the subject while she went to babble with Gib a little who was in his swing, watching her.

"He has a name, and he's looking for a job." Emily hugged herself.

"A job? I thought he had one?"

"He wants to move here, even for a little while, OK?" Emily went to get the front door then. Charlotte was here.

Bella rolled her eyes.

Charlotte strolled into the kitchen behind Emily and went straight for the icing. It was as if she'd been here before when it really wasn't so. She made herself right at home which annoyed Bella to no end.

"Not bad." She said after a taste of the icing from her finger.

"Thanks." Bella just looked at her as if she needed to go away.

"Well, I'm going thrifting as soon as she snip it all off," Charlotte smiled.

"Where?" This caught Bella's interest.

"I dunno." Charlotte shrugged. "I need clothes. I can't wear jeans at the library. They have a dress code. Go figure." Charlotte looked wide eyed.

"You might need some help you know, I used to work at a vintage boutique." Bella told her.

"And that's suppose to impress me?" Charlotte smirked.

"I know brand names," she said.

"Would you want us to go with you?" Emily looked to Charlotte. "I could drive. I'd watch Gib too."

Bella looked at Emily then. Maybe she wasn't such a bad sister, after all.


ellie said...

Maybe they can be friends. B & E.

cady x said...

"Maybe she wasn't such a bad sister" . . . that made me smile.

I can't really blame Bella, exactly . . . I hate talking on the phone, myself.

dapper kid said...

Meh, I'm not really a Charlotte fan to be honest.

diane said...

That was pretty ballsy of Charlotte to stick her finger in the icing. She may as well of just sneezed into the bowl.
Bella seriously needs to get over the "one hand" thing and move on.

We have major sunshine going on here today, it's about fr*gging time. xo

the oaks said...

Oh, Charlotte. She can really kill a moment..sometimes...yet make others.

madalena said...

Thanks for your comment :)