Monday, March 9, 2009

all you need is Jane

Archie was scared shitless. He felt a bit clumsy with Gib, although, Gib seemed to be OK with how he held him. He looked Archie over as if he was rather fascinating. He really liked Archie's ears and his mouth too.

Of course, he'd held a baby before. But it had been awhile, and it was Bella's baby which made Archie the most uncomfortable. He looked at the crowd of faces in the living room. There was nobody he knew. He'd lost Emily somewhere, mingling perhaps. He saw a few of her mother's friends pull her into a circle of older ladies asking her questions.

Archie sighed, holding Gib. Finally, Gordy walked by with Jane who clung on to Archie's leg.

"That's my brother," she informed him.

"Yeah, he's certainly your brother," Archie smiled wondering if she'd want him to hold her too. He managed to find an empty spot in the de,n and she climbed up next to him to look at Gib over close.

"So where's B?" Gordy winced.

"I think she and Fish are, uh busy." Archie nodded letting it go at that.

"They have a fight or something?"

"Or something." Archie just shrugged not wanting to get into it.

"Great." Gordy sounded frustrated though.

"I wish Lucy was here," Jane looked up at Gordy then.

"Well, this is your grandmother's birthday party, honey." Gordy talked slow as if he'd satisfy her with slow words.


"So, Lucy had some things to do with Rachel." Gordy told her as she hung on to his hand then and kissed his hand.

Archie just stared not sure what to make of that. Then she came close to his face which made Archie a little nervous, but she kissed Gib on the cheek then and Gib left a bit of drool on her dress.

"I wish Mommy was here," Jane then said.

"Well, she'll come downstairs, soon, I bet." Gordy shrugged, trying to keep a smile.

"No, my other Mommy." She gave him a dead stare as if he knew what she meant.

"Remember, we said we wouldn't talk about that here." He gave her a stern look, but Archie could tell Jane didn't buy it.

"But I want to talk about it. I want to talk to Mommy." She gave him a stern look back. "Where's your Mommy, Archie?"

"In-" It felt odd to say where she was exactly, "In Omaha."

"I want to go to Omaha, Dad." Jane said then.

"Why, so we can see Archie's Mommy?" Gordy looked at her.

Archie shook his head, no. They'd end up in a grave yard if they did.

"Did you want me to watch Jane? So you could see what's up with Fish and Bella?" Archie looked at Gordy then.

"I might should stay out of it. Let them work it out. Did you see what happened?"

"No." Archie didn't think he did. He didn't want to know. Maybe.

"I just need B to spend more time with Jane, that's all, but I don't think that's gonna happen tonight. Evidently." Gordy took Gib from Archie now. "You look like you've had enough baby holding time to me."

"That's all right. If you want to take Jane to see her grandmother, you know." Archie shrugged.

"Why don't you take Jane to find Meme and I'll hang on to Gib?" Archie handed over Gib then. Really, he wasn't sure he was ready to tackle this party with Jane.


cady x said...

Ha. I love Jane.
Great title.

diane said...

I'm still sick, and achy all over, but when I read your story I feel calm and comforted. You have such a great writing technique, Cait. I really love this story. xo

Alayna Whisper said...

I'll never understand why boys feel so uncomfortable holding babies. lol

ellie said...

Oh, I'm feeling for Archie & even Gordy with Jane. Jane is something.

the oaks said...

I like that they call Jane's

simon n josh said...

Gordy & Archie might make good friends, especially with the help of Jane.

dapper kid said...

Holding a baby always makes my troubles melt away. And I like how he seemed to like Archie's mouth, my nephew always seems fascinated by my mouth or hair.

Jazmin Balinotti said...

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O.Hoch said...

thank you!

have you ever considered publishing this story you're working on? It's got quite a few parts to it, so one would assume it to be a pretty lengthy novel at this point.

I would like to do that with my own story in my blog as it's over 130 novel pages at this point, but i'm not sure yet