Tuesday, March 10, 2009

some like them hawt

Charlotte looked over at the framed drawing she'd brought to Rachel. A fairy to look over her desk. Of course, she wasn't so sure how amused Rachel was with the fairy drawing, but it was still here. Charlotte looked at it fondly as she barcoded new paperbacks that she didn't know exactly how to put into the system for people to check out, but she could at least have the physical part done.

Of course, she felt so out in the open, here. It was quiet though. No teenagers nor tweens asking questions about graphic novels or Stephanie Meyer's latest which couldn't be kept on the shelf. If you wanted any of her books from the library, you'd have to put them on hold. Naturally, Charlotte had been warned not to talk about the series since Charlotte hated the vampire series. The writing annoyed her. She was not enamoured with Edward, and she found the movie ghastly.

Charlotte was doing her best not to hate everything. Just thinking about it would show. So she tried not to think about the Stephanie Meyer's series.

"You look deep in thought," she heard someone say. A male. She looked up and found someone with the most startling eyes watching her.

"Oh, I'm just learning," She looked at the numbers she'd written inside the books.

"You know, once you start defacing a book, it looses its value, instantly." He informed her.

"Quite right," Charlotte looked at him not so sure who he was nor what he wanted. "But they are library books."

His smile was sharp and he looked as if he could have came right out of a magazine. Of course, he was the type who could have just had on a loin cloth and look spectacular.

"Did you need something?" She thought it would be tragic if he stayed around to watch her deface another book even if she had too.

"No." He shrugged. "Do you work here?"

"Yes, yes, I do." Possibly she needed a name tag on, but she didn't think Rachel had one. "I'm the new person."

He told her his name was Parker so she felt she had to introduce herself. After all she was suppose to be helpful.

"So, are you in college?"

"Used too, " he nodded.

The more they talked she wondered if there wasn't something a bit off. He'd been to several different colleges, in fact. Perhaps he just liked to travel, but he lived with his uncle now.

"I am working on a paper," he told her.


"Its about the power of the brain." He was so serious. He went on to tell her about it for the next hour. After awhile, Charlotte wasn't sure what he was talking about. Was it about electricity or something else? It was rather boring. Although, he was nice to look at so she could stare all she wanted. There was just something captivating about Parker only she felt trapped after awhile. Really, how could he find so many words to dwell on one subject she couldn't make heads nor tails about. Was he a genius or an idiot?

Charlotte was ever so glad when Rosco came to pick her up when the library closed at 9 p.m.


Ivyoaks said...

Pretty eyes. I'd like to find him at the lib.

diane said...

He talked to her for an hour? While she was working? Something's wrong here. Good thing Charlotte's no fool.

O.Hoch said...

as something of a big vampire fan in general, I have to say I'm not a very big fan of Twilight myself, so I agree with her dislike of the series.

O.Hoch said...

as something of a big vampire fan in general, I have to say I'm not a very big fan of Twilight myself, so I agree with her dislike of the series.

Psyconym said...

I am ok now, I didn't get the job I really wanted adn I thought well I've been rejected so many times, how come this one is hurting? But I guess it is because I wanted it. Mum had a chat with me and things are fine. I hope you are ok. The weather is slowly getting warmer and I mean slowly. We've had a threat of snow (Yay and Nay)! Thanks for your comment on my poem. I hadn't realise it was good until I copied it up on line.

Must dash, nearly work time!

Alayna Whisper said...

I'm not a twilight fan either.

o0o a handsome stranger, eh?

Jazmin Balinotti said...

una preguntaa.. porq cuando comentaste mi entrada pusite exactamente lo q era, osea la copiaste y la pusiste ocmo un comentario ? .. no entendi el sentido ja. un beso enorme, q estes bien

cady x said...

Bahaha. I like Charlotte's suspicion of him.

raspberry said...

Where do I know this guy from? Cause his face looks very familiar :)

Oh I'm with Charlotte on that one, Stephenie Meyer is a bit of a lousy writer. At least translated to portuguese it doesn't seem right... I thought it was just the translation, which would be weird, but now I guess it's a general case :)

Hmm... Keep your eyes wide open, Charlotte. I smell... trouble? Hee

btw, do you work at a library yourself? So lucky! I was wandering if I could get a job during spring break, but we only have ONE local library and it is so crappy --' Anyway, you've insired me to at least go there and see if they have any type of job available ^^

How are you doing?

raspberry said...

PS: thanks on the note about the weather up north :) I'm actually excited about cold weather and snow, which I believe makes me sound like a total dork. But here in my hometown it gets mostly windy when it's cold, so it really sucks.
Anyway, I don't know if I'll go on the exchange program to Canada anyways, it's still hypothetical. Just day-dreaming for now :)

But thank you for the info!