Friday, March 20, 2009

by any other name

A car.

Charlotte went to sleep dreaming about it. Her very own car. She would name it. Yes, it would be a pet, perhaps. She'd never had a pet before. She'd always wanted a parakeet and now she had a car.

She would have named the bird Rocky. She guessed she would name the car Rocky. It didn't look like a Rocky. More like a Penelope.

She and Rosco had set in it for a while when she got home. She'd sat there just amazed. Thrilled even. She couldn't get over the fact of having a car. But then came the moment of truth. Car insurance. She'd have to get her driver's license.

"I really think you should see if you can get in with the school's driver's ed, you know." Rosco said that would be a good deal. It would help with the insurance and his Mom would be happy to help pay for driver's ed. It had always been an on going battle with her Dad the last few years. And now it could really happen.

"Oh, I don't know." Her eyes were big, taking it all in. Even if they were in the dark. "God, I dunno, Rosco." She thought she might go into a seizure of some kind just thinking about it.

"You can do it." He smiled.

Charlotte smiled in her sleep now. Somebody had faith in her. She hoped it was enough.


diane said...

I'm surprised that Charlotte would be a little overwhelmed by all of this, she's so tough.

I'm still waking up, so I'm just going to wish you a good day. xo

dapper kid said...

Cars always seem so appealing at first. Then you realise insurance and petrol costs are insane lol.

ellie said...

I hope she'll enjoy her car. There is something whimsical about Charlotte.

simon n josh said...

I think I'd be nervous about the car.