Friday, March 27, 2009

first sight

It didn't matter to Bella. If her mother had something going on with somebody in her room. So what. Wasn't the first thing on her mind now. Fish was.

He was gone. Gone.

So much for a cell phone being a life line now. It was on their bed. She just stared at it. Gib was in his crib, fussing slightly, probably because she was. Her face tensed as she stared at the black cell phone. It was the cheapest kind from the friends and family line. Her mother had put them on her account.

"Shit." She said to no one. What had she said to him? She couldn't remember what set it off. Couldn't have been that bad, now could it? She swelled a frown, hugging herself.

It was getting darker and darker by the minute. A storm was on the way. She let out a breath then and walked across the hall and banged her fist into her mother's bedroom door. She didn't give a crap what her mother was doing. This was important.

"What is it?" Well, her clothes were on. The lights were on. Were those philosophy books on her bed? Works of Camus and The Last Existentialist laid there among the books. And that guy looked more like a student than anyone her mother would ever think about dating.

"Fish is gone." Bella gave him the evil eye. No matter what, she didn't like this person who was with her mother. He could have showered Bella with a booty bag from the Grammies, and she'd still be ill with him. "I don't know where he is."

"What do you want me to do about it?"

"I-" She wanted to say it was her fault. That guy's fault. Not hers.

"He left his cell phone."

"I'm sure he's all right." Her mother looked at her innocently.

"I don't think so." Bella nursed her upper lip still staring at this person that her mother had been hiding. "Who's this?"


Bella looked at her mother. Did she even know who he was?

Her mother just smiled.

"Parker." It was as if she just came up with a name off the top of her head. "He needed some books." She shrugged.

"OK, why is he still here?" It wasn't quite time for the nightly news, but almost.

"He was just going." She nodded as if she'd decided.

"I don't know why you had to be up here, you know. You could have just-" Bella didn't know a good way to tell her this. It was highly unlikely any of this was true her mother was even telling her about this dude.

"Well, I have all my old college books up here, you know and-"

Bella rolled her eyes and walked away. This was not helping. Fish was still gone. And she was getting more paranoid by the second. What if he didn't come back? She thought she might pass out at the idea of that.

She could see it on the news. Weeks from now. "An unknown body was found in the nude in the woods...."

She went down stairs and turned on the news then. There was a story about the twenty something year old that had finally been found. Supposedly, he stripped his clothes because of hypothermia, but Bella was guessing he was high on meth and left his cell and car keys locked in his car.

Warm tears just heighten her emotions more. She didn't want anything bad to happen to Fish. She didn't.


diane said...

Bella really takes it to the worst level, doesn't she.

Her mom's seeing PARKER? Hellooooo Mrs. Robinson, haha.

cady x said...


I think this sort of thing right here is why I love Bella.

dapper kid said...

That is so rubbish of her mother to have Parker there lol. And I do hope everything is well is Fish.

simon n josh said...

That's interesting about Parker. Hopefully, Bella will be OK.

enid said...

All these fears that can take over. Poor Bella.

elliestories said...

I like the way Bella treated Parker..she might have been helping her Mom.