Saturday, March 28, 2009

second sight

That might have went better than Kat thought it was going to go. Perhaps. Not that anything was really going on. It had been about books after all. It would.

So he just about talked her arm off at the library. But she didn't mind. Not really. No one talked to her much, anyway. Of course, she always had to listen to every story under the sun when it came to teenagers coming in late to the high school.

More than once she'd been approached by some cutting edge teenage boy, thinking he could some how be on to something behind that glass window that shielded her from germs and angst. "Hey, you are so hawt, how about if we get out of here?"

Usually, it meant a warning that she'd send them to the Deans Office.

Of course, this was about as exciting as her life got. So yes, it was a thrill to have someone who actually wanted to talk to her. Or did he?

She felt certain now that Parker just wanted someone to listen to him. Was that it? And all the while it made her giddy, but evidently he hadn't noticed. Just so damn serious. Positively.

Now she had to somehow get him out of the house. He'd been here for hours.

"I should really take you home." Somehow she felt wicked even saying it. As if she'd somehow got him here against his will. She'd given him the books. Of course, he wasn't sixteen, more like twenty-six. He told her was almost thirty. She wasn't sure how that even came up, but now she was sure he wasn't.

"What's wrong?" He was suddenly concerned which surprised her.

"Oh, I'm sure its nothing." Really, he didn't have to know about Fish and her daughter. The less he knew about her home life, the better. She just hadn't wanted this to be something it wasn't. It was just as well if she forgot about this. She needed too. He would. "You can keep the books. Put them in the library booksale if you'd like." She wasn't sure anyone would want them. Why had she hung on to them for so long? That part of her life was over. After all, she was in a complete different universe than Parker. It was just an accident they'd even collided. At least, no one got hurt.

She looked at him with all those books. Really she should get a bag for him. She did have a durable 'green' bag from Walmart that could hold them all.


ellie said...

I do feel a little sad for her.

diane said...

Hey, this reminds me of that episode of "Friends", when Phoebie's brother fell in love with a woman old enough to be his mother. And they wound up getting married, it was a perfect match. I'm not sad for Kat at all. She does need to open up her mind and think about her own happiness for once.

Thanks for your sweet comment. Dominica commented too, with a story about her daughter. Isn't it funny, how much we're learning about each other?

simon n josh said...

I hope there was a spark there. That would be fun.