Saturday, March 7, 2009

getting the party started

The cake was here. Emily had brought it in. Really, it look splendid all in white. A lot like a bridal shower cake of some kind. But the inside was marble, and it had written in cursive in thick pink icing "Happy Birthday, Kat!"

Just then Emily heard her mother come in the front door all excited. But it wasn't what Emily thought. It had nothing to do with her birthday. Instead, she was holding up an application.

"You have to apply for this, B!" She smiled. "You must. Its at the school. You'd be working in the daycare and, and whats even better -Gibson would be right there with you, and it wouldn't cost a thing!"

Emily noticed Bella trying to muster up a smile as she took the application from her mother.

"Its either that, or there's an opening for a sixth grand band teacher." Her mother shrugged.

"Oh, a band teacher," Fish smiled as he was sitting there with Gibson in his lap who was all so relaxed as if he'd waited all day for that moment. "I remember when they wanted me to teach band."

"What!" Bella gave Fish a look.

Emily just watched. She would have thought Fish had been a spy of some sort and kept secrets from Bella.

Emily's Mom took the baby from Fish then.

"Get out of here!" Bella gave Fish a shove. "What do you mean? Who wanted you to teach band?"

"Uh," He winced a bit. "I was a music major at UT."

"A music major?" Bella's voice was full of anger then. "How could you! Keeping something like this from me!"

"I dunno." Fish just sat there like a bump on a log.

"What happened?" She wanted to know.

"I did my student teaching," he shrugged. "I aced it. Actually."

"Oh my god! I can't believe you. You idiot!" She was in a huff now.

"What?" Fish looked at Bella's Mom.

Emily wondered how this birthday party might take off now. It didn't look good. Nobody seemed to be talking to Fish nor each other.


dapper kid said...

I so did not expect that from Fish! And it's a shame her mother doesn't seem to care that it's her birthday.

ellie said...

Well..I see it as her Mom thinking that would be the best birthday present..getting her daughter employed.

But it looks like Bella might explode though.

diane said...

A lot of fuss over small details. The big picture here is, they are all working towards the betterment of the family. Just a few wrinkles to iron out, that's all. xo

cady x said...

I don't think it's really a big deal.

I still think Bella's kind of selfish.