Friday, March 6, 2009

never a good answer

Gordy finally caught Floyd alone. He was just getting off at Walgreen's to go home and Floyd was looking at liquor.

Gordy wasn't sure what to say to him. Did he dare ask what was up with him and Serena.

"You know, we didn't get a chance to hardly visit other night," Gordy felt he'd lost his long time friend some time ago. Perhaps it was when everything fell apart with Serena. He wasn't sure. But so much had been left unsaid. It felt as if it had gone up in a puff of smoke and now there just weren't any words left to say. Perhaps Floyd had taken it all harder than Gordy suspected. Or maybe this was just a new chapter in each of their lives, and he should just leave it at that.

"You were kind of busy," Floyd grinned.

"Well, Rachel really isn't always like that." Gordy told him.

"She's feisty, all right. Bet she could out drink you too," Floyd just wouldn't stop grinning about it. "When you gonna marry her, dude?"

"Marry her? Rachel?" Gordy's eyes lit.

"You know you want too." Floyd went back to pondering over prices of whiskey then.

"What about you and Delia?" They'd stopped e-mailing each other some time ago when things were so bad after everything with Serena. Gordy still hadn't felt like getting in contact with her.

"What about her?" Floyd stared back at Gordy a bit grim then.

"I dunno. I thought that was special." Gordy didn't know what else to say.

"So did I." Floyd shrugged. "But she met this foreign dude she was trying to help at the Uni, and I guess he must have rocked her world. Something like that."

"I see," Gordy nodded.

"Yeah, well, can't say that I blame her." Floyd sighed.

"So you've been there for Serena though," Gordy nodded, not sure what he meant by that. It was a mystery to him if he was more than just a brother of some sort to her.

"Yeah, well, she's been there for me," Floyd smiled. "Hate to say it, but possibly she's been there more for me than I've been there for her, in the long run."

Gordy felt a bit sad wishing Floyd would just say it. Could he just admit it?

"So you love her?"

Floyd just nodded.

Gordy wished he could say something else, but he couldn't. It was one of those things he just had to let rest. For good.


happyian said...

I'm lost on some of this...
I keep reading the new ones,
and trying to catch up on the old ones.

I'm impressed with how consistently you keep this.

diane said...

Thank god I'm not the only one who gets a little lost, trying to keep track of the relationships. But without Floyd and Gordy today, my morning would have been a little dull. Thanks for including the link, so I could get some history on this.

How are you today, Cait? I look forward to your comments filled with funny little stories about your brother and life when you were small. But don't let that make you feel pressured to do that every time or anything. I'm just saying.

O.Hoch said...

hi. I found yr blog through Ian's. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the writing I have perused so far on your sight. While the story is told through a narrator, it has the feel of a narrative which imho makes it much more relatable. Good stuff.

Cate said...

Gordy and Floyd... It`s right, they used to be friends. It's sad, how everything's changing. I don't ever wanna lose contact with my friends.

Haha, feisty is perhaps the right adjective to describe Rachel ^^
I wonder how Gordy feels for Serena.

Thankyou for the comments, Cait. They cheered me up.

cady x said...

well, some things you just have to let go, sometimes.

I wonder how the Gordy/Rachel thing is going to work out.

Ivyoaks said...

I miss Floyd. He is one of a kind.

another.ellie said...

Aw, haven't heard from them in a while.

ellie said...

aw...floyd, who knew he could do it.

O.Hoch said...

I appreciate your compliments as well. As of right now, there are 14 parts in this story (of which I assume you read the 13th). Basically, it's a blending of humor, drama and surrealist elements into what I hope is a slightly original piece of writing - if not completely original, then hopefully not a complete stereotype either.

I look forward to following your story and intend on catching the back story so that I can put all of the future entries into proper context.