Sunday, March 15, 2009

I know you are, but what am?

"I know who you are!" Jane squealed and came running to Charlotte. Suddenly, it was out of the blue and before she knew it there was Jane in her arms.

"Well, hum..are you sure you know me?" She smiled and was very pleased. Although, she didn't know if being behind the counter was the best place to be with Jane. Just then Parker came up from behind her.

She gave him a squint. What was he doing here? He had a key.

"I need in here," Charlotte was in front of a drawer that he needed.

"Book drop key." He just said. She looked at him blankly. He worked here?

She just sighed seeing that Bella's Mom was at the counter.

"No wonder Bella refuses to go anywhere with her. She's a wild little Indian." Bella's Mom took Jane from Charlotte.

"But I don't want to be a wild little Indian," Jane told her. "I want to be a werewolf!" She shown her teeth then.

"Someone has let her watch Teen Wolf all week long. She can't stop talking about Michael J. Fox. She thinks he's still a teenager." Bella's mom smiled.

Parker was still beside Charlotte as if he was waiting to be introduced or something.

"Oh, um, this is Parker," Charlotte said a bit clumsy, "And, and I don't think I know your name." Charlotte looked at Jane's grandmother.

"Kat." She smiled and Parker shook her hand as if he was running for some election.

Charlotte tried not to scowl. What was he doing?

Starting up a conversation?

They kept talking even after Kat let Jane down to catch up with Kal and Whitney with the story time.

Charlotte just stared. What had she started?


diane said...

Parker being a little overly friendly is not starting something. Charlotte thinking she has started something....that just started something.

Hahaha, you really make me smile sometimes. Oh, and I love Jane, god she's cute.

Cate said...

About "indiffent": I laughed about Kal staring at Whitney's butt.
I also think that the job in the library is unlike Charlotte, this businesslike manner - but she does it well! I do think she likes the job, doesn't she?
Oh, Bella is such a drama queen again about Kal seeing Gibson. I agree, he shouldn't have to come to the library just to see his kid. And then she doesn't even show up herself. Oh get a grip, Bella.

Oh. I wouldn't ahve expected that Parker worked at the library!
How cool, Jane watched Teen Wolf - that cracked me up! And she has a crush on Michael J. Fox! Most kids would be so scared of Teen Wolf... But then, as long as you don't really know what something is, you aren't scared of it.
Charlotte didn't START anything, I agree with diane there! Parker's just being polite!

just a moment said...

That was funny about Teen Wolf. & then Parker. hahahaha...

ivy's closet said...

Kids. You just never know what they might do. Adults too..especially, Parker. Funny, he didn't tell her he worked there.

ellie said...

Yeah, gotta love Jane. Gotta wonder about Parker.

simon n josh said...

What a surprise. It made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Aww, I loved this ^^ Especially because I feel like I've been "watching" Jane in her "growing up process" :) She's the cutest.

Parker working at the library?? Didn't see that coming. But "me likes it alot" :D

Hehe don't worry, Charlotte :)

Thank you so much for your sweetest comments Cait! I so appreciate them. How was your weekend?
Mine was rather... bittersweet.