Saturday, March 14, 2009


Whitney looked around the library. There wasn't much to it. Modern. Sort of, in a 70ish way. Unlike the museum like atmosphere she was accustomed too. She twisted about at the counter. Kal just smiled at her.

"We're getting library cards." He was giddy as a school boy, but she didn't think it was about joining the library. He was staring at her butt. Just why did did he he have to be so obvious while being here at the library. Of course, she loved and hated and hated the attention at the same moment. Charlotte was right there behind the counter.

She turned back and stared at Charlotte who was typing away at the computer.

"You two will be my first library cards," she said proudly as she handed over the white plastic cards with the library logo in blue.

"Thanks," Whitney then wrote her name and handed Kal his. "We thought it might be fun if we met Bella and Gib here. Pajama story time."

"Oh, yeah, I heard about that. You get juice and cookies, too." Charlotte had on her shop girl face. She was selling the place or so she faked it just as well. Whitney almost giggled. This was so unlike Charlotte.

"Well, he's a baby, he won't be getting the juice and cookies." Whitney shrugged while Kal looked around searching for Bella with a stroller.

"She's suppose to have Jane with her, you know." Kal shoved his hands in his jean pockets.

"That'll be nice. Seeing both of them," Whitney took Kal's hand then. "You are her uncle, you know."

"Yes," He was a bit tense though. "I just think its stupid that I have to come all the way to the library to see my kid. Its not like I've done anything wrong."

Whitney just sighed as they looked around. She'd be off in the biographies if she could. Maybe they even had the crochet book she'd been searching for by a New York crochet artist who made caps and hats for rappers. But no, they were waiting at the entrance for Bella who she knew would be late.

"Next time, tell her we could just stop by and bring them to the library so she won't have too." Whitney put her head on Kal's shoulder.

"No, you know she doesn't want me touching him, if she can help it." He sounded perturbed.

"I know. She's wishy washy." Whitney shook her head, thinking she'd be better off to go on her own to look for books and maybe Bella would show up with Gib.

Just then she saw Bella's Mom with Jane and the baby.


O.Hoch said...

there was this time my wife had a library card. She checked out a book for me with it. I uh...never managed to get that book to the library. She didn't go back to the library for two years because she was scared of getting penalized. I told her that I would take the fall if they nailed her for it since I took the book when I was technically 'under age' at the can't pin anything to an adolescent!

mich said...

Crocheted caps and hats for rappers? That is one of my favorite lines you've written, ever! xo

simon n josh said...

Oh, its good to hear from Whitney. I've missed her. It would be hard to be in her shoes. Sad he has to see his kid at the library.

elliestories said...

Looks like Charlotte is a quick learner. Hope you are having a beautiful weekend.

fan fic said...

Oh, that is funny what is going through Whit's mind. & then to see Bella doesn't even show.

ellie said...

I love crochet pattern books & I think I know you are talking about too. She's got this name that sounds kind of like a bad word. Maybe.

diane said...

That comment from Mich was me, it's cute hubby's account. Sometimes they get mixed up, sorry.
How's it going? We had a pretty fabulous day here. Hope yours was just as good. xo