Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the idea

Bella wasn't sure what to think about her mother. Something had to be going on.

As it was, she'd been in her room with Gib when her mother came home. She'd heard laughter in the hallway. Bella would have thought they were trying to get away with something as she listened ever so carefully to find out what was going on, but she learned nothing. Naturally, she had to tell Emily all about it when she got home from dinner with Archie.

"I think they're having sex." Bella sighed.

"What? Like for four hours?" Emily winced.

"Well, maybe he takes something, you know." Bella shrugged with Gib on her shoulder. "Something is definitely happening. I just know it."

"This is really going to bug you, isn't it?" Emily just smiled as if she was OK with this.

"What would Dad think?" Bella shot back.

"Who cares, they're divorced." Emily squinted. "Just don't worry about it. Mom's a big girl."

"Well, she could have introduced us, or something." Bella pointed out.

"Maybe she doesn't want to." Emily told her.

"What are you saying, you think she paid someone for sex?" Bella jumped to the conclusion.

"We don't even know if they are doing anything." Emily shook her head. "And Mom would not pay for sex."

"Are you sure?" Bella looked at Emily as if she had to be wrong.

"Yes." Emily left it at that as she went to the kitchen with Archie who was making fresh coffee.

"Where's Fish?" Emily then asked.

"Out back." Bella sighed as she danced around with a fussy Gib.

"No he isn't." Emily said after a quick look out the kitchen window.


cady x said...

I still love Bella and Emily's relationship.

Wonder where Fish went off to.

diane said...

Kids are always so funny about their parent's sexuality. Anyway, Fish is probably working on a car or in the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

hey this is random but your a good writer and im guessing good writes read good books. Any suggestions? Im up for anything:)

Cate said...

Hi Cait! Just wanted to let you know that I deleted my blog, but don't worry. I'll still be around reading here.

cait said...

Cate, but we love your blog. What happened?

Ivyoaks said...

I did enjoy their conversation.

Alayna Whisper said...

I hate not knowing things. It bugs me to no end.

Thanks for the comment. I did feel comfortable there, but idk. I guess I just analyze things WAY too much. haha