Wednesday, March 25, 2009

word of mouth

Emily called Rosco to see if he'd seen Fish. He hadn't.

"Doesn't he have his cell?" Rosco asked.

"No, he left it here," Emily said finding this mystery a bit worrisome, or maybe it was listening to Bella fret about it.

"Dang," Rosco just said.

"He say anything to you?" Emily wondered if Fish was OK.


"He might be depressed." She just said as if that was the cause of everything.


"Yeah, Bella." It was all her fault, naturally.

"He hasn't said anything, you know, at work or anything. He seems his usual self. Every old lady that comes along, he talks with. He's not at all like he is at home."

"What do you mean?"

"He could be a preacher. He never meets a stranger. He's really friendly and all, and everybody just thinks he hung the moon or something." Rosco told her.

"Well, Bella kills that once he walks through the door. No wonder he's gone." Emily sighed.

"He's gone?"

"Well, he's not in the house," she said in to her cell as she Archie walked the dark streets in the cold.

"That's just totally freaky," Rosco then said. "You want me to come over?"

"You don't have to." Afterwards, she put her cell away. This was so unusual. Emily hugged Archie then. What was Fish doing?


Cate said...

Cait, first of all thanks for replying to my comment. Well, I've had some trust issues and I figured it would be safer to delete my blog, and also one friend of my mum's who's a psychologist said that it would be better for me...
Oh, after having read that last chapter, I had kind of an idea where Fish went off to, but I won't say it, it's too embarrassing if it isn't true.

diane said...

If anything bad has happened to Fish, I don't think I could handle it.

Anonymous said...

I hope fish is okay. I get all of them. I really need more books

ellie said...

Its interesting to see how other people look at fish other than just Bella and even Emily.

Cait said...

Oh, thats OK..Cate..I didn't know where he went until the last minute too.

Em-just check out the new books in the YA section at your local lib.

Diane-thanks for saying that about Fish.


dapper kid said...

Ooh I do hope he's gone on that roadtrip, I hope nothing bad happens!!