Wednesday, April 29, 2009

beautiful world

it's a beautiful world we live in
a sweet romantic place
beautiful people everywhere
the way they show they care
makes me want to say
it's a beautiful world
for you
it's a wonderful time to be here
it's nice to be alive
wonderful people everywhere
the way they comb their hair
makes me want to say
it's a wonderful place
for you
tell me what i say
boy 'n' girl with the new clothes on
you can shake it to me all night long
hey hey
it's not for me-devo

Emily got a sad feeling once they head down the halls of her school toward the gym. This was the last time she was going to do this. Prom. Of course, other places supplied more grand entrances, but whatever, it was still prom.

She'd said she wasn't going, but changed her mind last minute. After all, she had date, and deep down, she did want to show him off. Perhaps. Yet, there was the thought she might see Casper. Hopefully, not. He wasn't the type who was a must see kind of guy. Well, he was blind. Of course, that had really never stopped him. Yet, she had to prepare herself for this. Somehow.

"Now don't be shocked if you see a blind guy who won't wear shades." Emily said as they were going in. Really, Archie looked sharp in his black tux and she didn't look so bad in the nude flapper. She guessed. Hard to say what was in and what wasn't. She wore a gold ribbon for a head-band around her forehead. Emily always did have to have something a bit different. No high-powered up lift curls for her. She wanted to have some fun.

Naturally, Archie didn't say much as he looked around, holding her hand. She could tell he didn't want her to let go.

"We'll be fine. You'll see." She was positive.

She looked around for Casper, who was nowhere, and she felt a little sad that he wasn't here with a date. He could have had a date. He should have had a date.

There was Rosco and Charlotte. Already dancing. Rosco had his hair slicked back. She hardly recognized him. She just smiled.

"Maybe we could dance," Emily let Archie take the lead. This was nice. It honestly was. She really felt as if she fit in. Finally. And then she saw who was in the band. He was singing into the microphone, looking straight at her.

What the fuck was he doing here, Emily thought as she couldn't take her eyes off him. What was Derrick doing here? Wasn't this beneath him to do a show at prom. He wasn't even singing his songs, but covers. Songs from a Prom playlist. She bet. It might as well have been karaoke night. What had happened to him?

Emily stopped dancing and took Archie's hand. There was no way she was going to stay here.


miriam said...

oh my, spring fever indeed :) but what could be worse than "bumping in" to an old fling (?) on prom night...

Anonymous said...

Oooo that was interesting:)

diane said...

Before I read the "Derrick" segment, I thought Emily should not let his presence bother her or ruin her evening. But now I understand her "flight" impulse. That is some strong, sexy chemistry. Maybe she can use that feeling to her advantage with Archie.

cait said...

Thanks Diane...well, I spent most of the summer with Emily and her split personality..and derrick as one of her many..flings. So its hard to say who is the victim..I guess.

ellie said...


Ivyoaks said...

Really like the new header..oh..poor Emily.