Sunday, April 12, 2009

in the name of speed

So far so good, or at least Rosco thought as they were out on the interstate now, going north. It wouldn't be all that far, really. It wasn't like they were taking a trip to Minnesota. It was just a jaunt that would take no more than two hours. Charlotte could do that behind the wheel.

"What is he doing?" Charlotte winced. She put her foot on the pedal to keep up with Archie.

"Don't!" Rosco said on impulse. "I don't want you to get a ticket." Rosco looked at her as if she just needed to keep within the speed limit. 65 was way over the speed limit for her, anyway. He was after all hanging on to his seat.

"Well, what am I suppose to do?" She looked at him.

"Don't look at me," Rosco winced. "Keep your eye on the road." He gasped.

"We're going to lose them." Charlotte sounded as if she couldn't have that. The speed leaped again, and Rosco felt as if he were sucked back in his seat.

"Slow down!"

Charlotte hesitated but dropped her speed.

"See the key is to have like a consistent speed so you won't scare people behind you, OK." He tried to say it as carefully as possibly without making her peeved at him. "You're doing really great. You really are. I just don't know what Archie is up too." Rosco stared at Charlotte who was looking ahead.

Charlotte wouldn't look at him. She gripped the wheel even harder. He could see she was seething just a bit. Maybe she did have the making of a race car driver, after all.


diane said...

Haha, love the race car driver reference. Have a nice Easter sweetie! xo

the oaks said...

I'm having a freaky time on this site..don't know what's up..but I do love your writing.

fan fic said...

I gotta chuckle

Psyconym said...

A female race car driver, awesome!!! Cynthia amazed me that she was a union rep, I had no idea until well she told me. She is fasinated with local history, and I am less so. She was watching me, and I think trying to get me engaged. She gave a minie lecture on local history, which did nothing me, but I do love people's stories. It's not about like or dislike, but passions, what you get a kick out of doing.

Not sure what the egg symbolises? Maybe I should have relented to the unconditional and pure love that comes from a mother giving an easter egg to her only baby. To be hoenst, I didn't know they were getting me one, until they told me they hadn't but were considering it.

Animals don't like me, I like them, but at a distance. I respect them, obviously, just my interspecies skills are a little off kilter.

Do you work in a library, voluntarily??

Lots of love xxxxx

raspberry said...

I liked this :) Hope they'll be safe and everything will turn up alright...

How was your weekend?

ellie said...

Oh..that Rosco..he's such a good instructor. heheee..

miriam said...

love it, happy easter monday!

Psyconym said...

lol - Cynthia wasn't trying to get me married, but get my attention. Sorry I re read what I had written adn realised it came across that way!!

An Engineer just called me Glenda. I really need to work on my communcation skills.

More later when I am home form work!