Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kathrine kiss me

Katherine, kiss me
Slip your little lips
Will split me
Split me away
Your eye won't hit me
Yes, i love you, i mean it
I'd love to get to know you

Sometimes i say the stupid things i think
I mean i
Sometimes i think the stupidest things
And do you ever wonder
How the boy feels

Katherine, kiss me
Flick your cigarette, then kiss me
Flick your eyes at mine so briefly
Your leather jacket lies
In sticky pools of cider blackberry
You glance and ricochet
From every alpha male behind me
Like bubbles on the washing machine

I wonder
How the boy feels

Katherine , kiss me
In the alleyway
By ....
Jacket in the sodium light
Yes, i love you, i mean i
Need to love

And though your opened eyes stay bored
Upon the overflowing pipes above me
I don't mind
Because i never wonder
How the girl feels
-franz ferdinand

How long could he go?

"I think you're extracting every muscle out of my body," Parker told Kat. No way could he go back to Archie's house tomorrow. All he wanted was to stay in bed with her.

"Oh really," she was a bit of tease, in fact, yet she'd delivered more than he thought possible. At least they had a room of their own at the hotel. It had been quite easy to get everything in order, She'd laid down the credit card. Asked for three rooms and everyone went their separate ways. No qualms about it.

He chuckled now. As she was on top.... and it felt quite clear he could very well get used to this.

Parker didn't dare question it. What if it didn't happen again? He reached up and took her mouth into his. There were little aches and pains from the day, but somehow she made him forget them. He wanted to say it was the Mexican beer and lime. Only it wasn't.

"I expected you to talk more," Kat said as she studied the hairs on his chest.

"Where would that have gotten me, huh?" He grinned. Perhaps he'd said too much, already.

After all, this was a sexual position and there was a lot more to do than just talk. So they stopped talking and went on as if not to think about tomorrow or the day after that, but just now. In the moment as if it, alone, would carry them there.

Can't stop feeling


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miriam said...

that song is amazing. and it fits in really well with story.

hope you have a good week too!

Ivyoaks said...

Love the song..and oh my..heheheee..

cait said...

aw..thanks..well, I'm sure it could be more, but didn't want to go overboard,either.

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the song really fits:)

thanks for the comment. But really what I think the handshake is going to end up sucking but i want to write my first full length novel:)