Monday, April 20, 2009

tired words

Emily went to bed with wet hair. It had been a painful day. Except she hadn't mentioned it Archie.

But her mother knew. She didn't want her going near his brother's room.

"You let him decide what to keep." Her mother had pulled her back to not go upstairs. There was enough to do downstairs.

A part of her was glad her mother hadn't let her see a picture of Archie's brother. And yet she wanted to be brave. She wanted to get through this somehow.

"You don't think moving back here would be bad, do you?" She asked Archie now at the hotel room. Her mother had treated them to the upscale hotel near the Old Market. According to her mother that was the only place they could find a parking space. She was right.

"What?" Archie was half asleep already in bed. Showered and under the sheets. He just yawned.

"You could get your old job back, right?"

"I dunno." He sounded quite indifferent. "I doubt it."

"Really?" Emily thought he'd have the job. It felt amazing to think she might be a state away from her family.

"You don't want to move back, do you?" She studied him with one hand cradling her cheek as she laid on her side propped on the pillows. Her other hand investigated his chest, giving him a slight tickle.

"Its not so much about that. Its just getting this done, you know. The house. It needs to get done." He took her hand then and held it next to his heart.

"Then what?"

"I guess I will stay where ever I have a job. We can find a place to call our own, you know." He looked back at her. She knew he was saving those paychecks. "And you might should find a hair styling position in the state where you're certified. At least for a little while, you know."

"All right," she said, knowing he made sense. A part of her liked that idea. "I don't want to let you down. I don't. I won't."

"You couldn't let me down." They cuddled then. They were too tired to do anything else.


diane said...

It's so great when guys are unconditionally supportive and loving. xo

miriam said...

unconditional love, you sort of take it for granted.

Anonymous said...

aw<3 that's all i can say

keep writing

dapper kid said...

Awww, I really do hope they can make it work and find a lovely house to settle down in :)

ellie said...

I think they really are good for each other.

the oaks said...

Cool to see how Emily has changed.

Cait said...

Its good to hear from you Diane. Thanks so much for the note. Um..I wasn't sure how this one might turn out.


Anonymous said...

yeah i want emily and archie to stay together and thanks:)

check it out:)

tell me what you think.