Friday, April 3, 2009

oh no, you didn't

Whitney thought it would just be Charlotte she'd meet up with for dinner, but Rachel had came along to the coffee shop too. This would be interesting. Charlotte said she hardly ever saw Rachel, anymore. And now they were together.

Whitney scooted in the booth first and Charlotte sat next to her while Rachel sat across from them. She looked at both of them as if she was about to burst with something exciting to tell.

"Look, do you think I should tell someone something about somebody they hardly know?" Charlotte suddenly said mysteriously.

"Well, no." Rachel said matter of fact as if they should move on to her stuff instead of Charlotte's puzzling problem.

"What did you do this time?" Whitney just smiled.

"Nothing," Charlotte winced. "Its just Parker wants me to talk to Emily's Mom about him."

"Emily's Mom?" Now Rachel was getting aggravated.

"Yes, they had a moment, according to him, but he's not sure."

"You don't even know her," Whitney added. "Exactly."

"I kind of do. I think this is all my fault. I was the one who introduced them." Charlotte looked worried.

"Let him figure it out," Rachel scowled ever so politely. "Anyway-"

She started to tell them her exciting news when Serena stuck her hand out and showed everyone at the table her engagement ring.

Naturally everyone said their awwwws over the ring, but Rachel who just crossed her arms.

"Its lovely, did you know he was going to do it?" Charlotte smiled.

"Not really, I wasn't expecting it." She told them.

"I'm pregnant." Rachel announced before Serena could say another word.

"Oh, wow, that's great." Charlotte smiled.

"I wasn't expecting that, either." Rachel gave Serena a smug look then.

Whitney gave Rachel a harsh stare then as Serena took their order.

"What?" Rachel swelled a small frown.

"Nothing." Whitney tested her iced water with a straw then. She wasn't sure she considered Rachel family, exactly..even if Kal was Gordy's half brother.

"When are you gonna have a baby?" Rachel wanted to know.

"Not anytime soon." Whitney said. "We can't afford it. And I'm not in any hurry."

"Besides, Cal is her baby." Charlotte nudged with a smile which gave Whitney a smile, too. "Rosco is the only baby I will ever need." Charlotte twisted back her smile to Rachel.

"That's not funny, that's pathetic." Rachel looked at Charlotte as if she'd lost it.

"No, its not." Charlotte winced. "Its sweet. And you're not going to ruin this for me, Rache."

"When have I ever ruined anything for you?" Rachel wanted to know then.

About that time, the waitress brought coffee. It was going to be breakfast at night. And Whitney could hardly wait for the western omelet. She just hoped Charlotte and Rachel didn't get in a spat before it was served.


diane said...

This whole scene had a "Sex in the City" vibe to me. I think it would be really cool if the girls got together more often. xo

raining here.

dapper kid said...

I am most definitely not a Rachel fan. And all of them together makes for quite the drama!

ellie said...

Oh..Charlotte. I like her lines.