Saturday, April 4, 2009


Rachel felt she was in the company of such immaturity. She really needed new friends. She felt she could hardly relate to Charlotte anymore and after all, Whitney was just Charlotte's friend.

Rachel so wanted to whisper to Charlotte, "How can you stand her?" She meant Whitney. Rachel couldn't say why she suddenly didn't like Whitney, but she did. Whitney didn't seem to have a problem with anything, and that damn confidence of hers. It irritated Rachel.

Was that actually true what they said of women of color? They liked their bodies better than most women? Was that it? Or the fact Whitney just didn't have it in her to want to wreck her body through pregnancy. She was just selfish. That's all there was to it.

Rachel was becoming bitter by the second. And here Charlotte was making over Rosco. Well, they'd never see her getting all disgusting over Gordy. She was too smart for that. He had his quirks. Always Mr. Self-Righteous thinking he was the better parent. Always questioning her about these stupid things like showers and bedtimes. Of course, it wasn't enough to make her completely angry with him.

The sex was good. More than good. Great. Yes, she couldn't help smiling about that.

"What?" Charlotte said. "What is so funny now?"

"Nothing." Rachel sighed. "All right, I know what you're thinking." She sighed. "How could we have done such a stupid thing. Have a baby now."

"I wasn't thinking that." Charlotte informed her. "Its your body. Its your family. I know Jane will be so excited."

"I guess." Rachel shrugged. "My luck, she'll think Gordy is gonna have a baby, too."

Whitney just smiled, too.

"So you guys will get married, right?" Whitney nodded.

"God, no." Rachel laughed. After she said it, she wondered why she said it. Well, she wasn't expecting it.

"You mean, you want to wait?" Charlotte winced.

"Yeah, of course." Rachel remained even lipped and pushed her coffee away. Why had she ordered it? She drank her water then. She was already a nervous wreck. The next nine months frightened her so much, and she didn't know why, but it did. Hopefully, she wouldn't become a monster before then.


ellie said...

Rachel just might be too honest about things.

diane said...

Rachel seriously needs to befriend a hippie, the influence would do her good in more ways than one. She would mellow out and let go of all of that hostility. And the food & supplements from the health food store would be so good for her pregnancy. God, I wish she could meet a nice hippie-girl. xo

raspberry said...

Oh Rachel.

I didn't know about this yet. A baby. Wow.

When I was catching up, going through previous posts, it really caught me by surprise.

I hope Rachel can manage all that anger inside her.

raspberry said...

How have you been? Hope you're feeling better, health-wise.
I am almost 100% recovered :)