Friday, April 17, 2009

weaving about

Bella had taken a considerable liking to Mrs. LaBarren. All because of a crocheted cloche.

Things had been considerably quiet with Fish. She thought it best to leave him be until he came around to accept the fact it was really going to happen. She knew he didn't like the idea she was pregnant. He wouldn't say it, but it was true.

"I want one of those," Bella found herself talking about that colorful hat on Mrs. LaBarren's head. She was after all enjoying the sun in her back yard. It was such an art to enjoy your own company, Bella thought. How did she do it?

"Well, I'll show you how to make one."

And with her very old warped fingers she'd guided Bella through the most excruciating task she'd ever been through. It didn't look like much at the start.

"We'll work our way backwards." The old woman coached, who smelled of vapor rub and cold cream, just smiled at Bella as if she'd have to have a little faith.


"Because its harder the other way. So much counting. This way you feel it as you go. You want to make sure it'll fit on your head for starters and then it'll come to you, after awhile." It sounded more like some wisdom than how to crochet a hat.

Bella kept working at it. It was getting easier and Gib was being rather content as well, scooting around on an old quilt out in the back yard while she was busy with her creation. Bella was happy. She hadn't been this content since never.

"Its your passion, that's why." Bev told her. She didn't like to be called Mrs. LaBarren.

"You think?" It was like having a creative orgasm of some kind when it came to the end. She'd made herself a natural fiber cotton hat.

"Now lets make a flower to put on it." Bev then said. That sounded so hard, but maybe she could do it. Just maybe.


diane said...

Ooooh, a complete family (sort of), baby, parents, granny. It's nice to see things fall together for Bella.

I'm rushing, but I tried to make time to read you. I'll have lots to tell when I get back. mwaaahhh! xo

gossip guy said...

How sweet. I liked this one.

simon n josh said...

I hope Bella has found her passion.

Psyconym said...

Thanks I still have the other photo saved so it is not gone forever, but I really needed to change and update my blogger. I hope you enjoy it as much.


cait said...

thanks Diane for the message. I hope you are having a wonderful time on your trip.

ellie said...

that's great that she's making something for herself.

Anonymous said...

i liked this one:)

keep writing