Monday, May 4, 2009

in the bag

"Well?" Rachel was curious about this phone call with Derrick. Perhaps Charlotte had fickle ways of getting things accomplished, but she'd came through once again for the summer reading program.

"He says he can do it." Charlotte gave her a look though, as if she was being sent to the gallows.

"Really!" Rachel was excited. "He'll help with a song writing workshop, and he'll play too! What else is he gonna give us?" She danced around as if the young adult program was already a success, and it hadn't even happened yet.

"Some T-shirts and CDs. He'll autograph photos. He'll do a meet and greet, you know." Charlotte sighed. "He wants to meet with me, again."

"hmmmm, he was at his best when he was 14 or so, but he's still got it, I guess even at twenty-four." Rachel sighed. She really wasn't into his experimental stuff. Evidently, nobody else was either, and the economy wasn't exactly easy for anyone these days. But he was still a local celebrity. The Homers music store had shut down so she supposed the library might be the next best thing. "This is awesome!" Rachel gave her a hug then. "Who knew, Rosco could come in so handy."

"Yeah, who knew." Charlotte looked at her blankly.

"Well, call the newspaper!" Rachel stared back at her. "This is your baby, after all."


miriam said...

oh gosh, i smell drama!
wish you a great week too.


Psyconym said...

How's it going honey? Likin the new post.


diane said...

Rachel is a riot when she's happy. I love that side of her. Charlotte needs to step off of the drama ladder. She can get through this and keep her love life intact.

ellie said...

I have faith in Charlotte..I'm sure Rachel does too.

cait said...

Thanks Diane for the note. I'm glad Rachel can make you laugh. Its great to hear from Psy too.

Ivyoaks said...

The excitement..this'll be interesting.