Tuesday, May 5, 2009

gathering up

Kal was a little nervous when Bella asked them over for dinner. But she was suddenly giddy and happy and almost silly.

"Fish got the job." She dished out her veggie lasagna as if she always had these sort of gatherings, only it was just the four of them and of course, Gib. It almost felt like a dream. This never happened..

Naturally, Kat and Fish shook on that and a back slap. All was good. They were friends, anyway. Maybe not best friends but still friendly.

"So how would you feel about keeping Gib for a weekend." Bella looked at Whitney, not him. This bugged him a bit, but he put his arm around Whitney as if this was a team effort thing, after all.

"Really?" She looked shocked.

"We'd love too." Kal finished her sentence.

"Good." Bella smiled. "It might be our last time to get away for awhile."

"Why is that?" Kal winced.

"We're gonna have a baby." She smiled.

"Wow, every-body's having kids." Kal almost laughed. "First Gordy, now you." He knew he'd said too much. He was ready to eat. He reached for a bread stick

Whitney started in on Gib then. She wanted to know what he liked and how Bella would want things done.

Bella smiled as if she was glad Whitney had asked. Kal just nodded. Whitney always knew the right thing to say.


diane said...

Dinner with friends is the best.

miriam said...

oh my, it really is a babyboom epidemic going on!

Winnie said...

I love catching up with friends over dinner. So chilled out and fun!

I love both of your story-blogs!

ellie said...

I'm glad Bella is being pleasant for a change.