Friday, May 15, 2009

in the quick of things

Rachel still couldn't help but think about Mother's day. It was sweet. Like a commercial, perhaps. Pancakes in bed. True, it was a little sticky, but Jane and Lucy had both helped, and it was cute watching them help Gordy. Of course, the cards were homemade and barely scribble, but both had something that looked vaguely like a house and stick people. Naturally, Jane had her drawing of the baby inside of Mommy's tummy.

"And its true, too!" She was all sassy about the fact they were going to have a baby brother.

"But what if its not a baby brother?" Rachel asked. "Remember, you have one already."

"But they never let me hold him." She made a sad face.

"That's because he's little. You have to be very careful around babies." Rachel thought they should get in practice now about this habit.

"I know," Jane was back to being sassy again. "But I want a boy."

"Well, you have to be happy with what ever you get." Rachel sassed right back.

Of course, the argument subsided once she found the engagement ring on her charm necklace. She almost spilled the pancakes in the floor. She squealed with delight. She couldn't remember the last time she smiled so. And truly it was the best Mother's day. She really felt loved.

So she wore the engagement ring on her finger now. Of course, they hadn't set a date or anything. She didn't care when it was. It was a nice feeling to just be engaged. And that everyone knew she was engaged, too. Well, at work.

Of course, she could imagine her co-workers getting together and planning her wedding right there at the library. Wouldn't that be lovely? Walking down row after row of books.

Just then she went to pick up the mail in the box outside their apartment door. There was a card from Andy, her ex. It was a mother's day card. It was late, but then he was overseas now in the Army. Inside was a picture of him in his military uniform. Tears came to her eyes. She hadn't meant to be so emotional when she saw his photo. There was a note for Lucy. The picture was for Lucy. He was going to Afghanistan.

Tears dripped down her face as she read his words on the inside of the card.

I'm glad you're Lucy's Mom.


diane said...

That was such a bittersweet ending.
I really had to laugh about Lucy holding the baby. My sister held me on the way home from the hospital, she was four. Things were different then, no car seats, ect. I bet my parents were smoking in the car, too.

ellie said...

That was sweet yet sad too.

Cady said...

This was so sweet.

I love Jane. She's got such spunk.

Lonnie said...

I think even her ex still loves her too. Good stuff.

Winnie said...

Bittersweet indeed. The cards sound adorable but that last one is sad.

Cait said...

Its great to hear from you Cady. Thanks.