Saturday, May 16, 2009

that time of day

With Archie's help, Emily had sent out graduation invitations weeks ago. He'd taken her picture in her cap and gown. Then she'd created her own one sheet cards on the computer and let the whole world practically know she was graduating. This actually meant her Dad's family and her Mom's family too who were scattered from Canada to Florida.

"And I haven't gotten anything yet," she told Archie. "You'd think they'd send some money or something."

"Well, don't ask for so much. At least they know you're graduating." Archie told her, yet Emily was beginning to think her mother had even forgotten.

"She's not giving me a graduating party," Emily then said, flopping herself in the middle of her bed. It was beginning to frustrate her. "She has other things on her mind, evidently." Parker.

"Well, I thought you wanted her to be happy. I thought you wanted her to find someone," Archie just shrugged laying next to her in the afternoon sunlight.

"I dunno." Emily hugged herself thinking it would be different. "Its like she adopted him or something."

"That just sounds weird." Archie was looking at her, tracing her cheek with his finger. "You want me to talk to her?"

"No." Emily sighed. What was done was done. Nobody was coming to her graduation. Nobody cared. Especially, her Dad or any of his people as her mother liked to refer to them who she did have to agree with her mother. They were rather snobbish and only thought of themselves with cruises and vacations abroad. She never liked them, anyway. Especially, with a grandmother who told her she was too fat every-time she saw her. Now she knew how much she missed her mother's mother the most. She wasn't around anymore. She'd gone to Canada to take care of one of her late husband's friend, some old guy name Cornelius and never came back. No one knew where she was. The more Emily thought about it she thought her family had to be the oddest people ever. No wonder she was so peculiar.

But Archie kissed her then, and it was apparent this was the lull she preferred to be in. She could be in her own little world as any of them. She was certain she didn't need anything but Archie. Emily smiled. She eyed the clock behind him. Wasn't it a little after five in the afternoon? It was time for the usual. She pulled him in then, kissed him as if were time. Best to get this done before Family Guy came on.


what we needed said...

Oh..I bet they keep a schedule. Ha!

ellie said...

Emily. Emily. Emily..I guess we could all feel this way a bit around graduation time.

dapper kid said...

The invitations sound lovely :) There is still time for them all to reply, she shouldn't get herself down about it. And even they don't come, at least they know she is graduating.

Raigan said...

I so wish i could keep up with this more often...i feel so terribly lost!!! But you are still a very lvoely writer, that much has definietly not changed since i started reading your lovely blog :)

I hope you're doing wonderfully!!!