Wednesday, May 20, 2009

its a show

"Everything goes better with Jane," Gordy just sighed as he watched her go and entertain just about everyone who came in contact with her. Kat sighed as if she was ready to get off her feet. At least Emily had made an arrival and was introducing everyone to her fiancee.

"Look, Daddy!" Jane ran back to Gordy, "I'm making money!" She handed him over several bills including a couple of twenties.

"I never made that much with my relatives. Just what are you doing out there, honey?" He held on to the money.

"I sing. I dance. I tell jokes." She shrugged staring at the money. "Don't you spend this now."

She went off to pull on someone's pant leg.

"Seriously, she could out stay her welcome," Gordy told Kat. "We should go soon." He checked his watch it was going on nine in the evening. "What are you going to do with all these people?"

"Good question." She sighed. "I'm putting my ex-in-laws at a hotel in town. The rest are on there own. Just my sister is staying here for the night."

"Glad Fish brought home all that food from the deli. That's really good fried chicken. I'm going to remember that when ever we go to the park with the girls." Gordy was full. He hadn't meant to eat so much, but he shared a plate of food with Jane, who's eyes were too big for so much, evidently. After three bites she said she thought she might be sick on the potato salad so he had to finish the rest so he wouldn't have to spend too much time talking to Emily's teenage cousins.

"I'm glad you guys could come over," Kat smiled nursing her wine. "You will come to the graduation tomorrow, won't you?"

"Are you kidding me?" One graduation was enough for him and that was his own. The gym would be hot. It would be noisy and Jane would be miserable. "Of course not. No, this is the Jane show tonight, and if her great-grand parents haven't had enough of her, just call me and we'll be over after the graduation."

"OK," Kat gave Gordy a pat on the back. "Fair enough."

He went to find Jane. It was past her bedtime.


ellie said...

Jane is so funny. What a kid.

sid n violet said...

Jane is something. I'm glad Gordy showed up with her.

diane said...

Kat's very relaxed now, isn't she? Where's Parker?